DA Reports for the 18/19th of May, 2012

Tell us about your exploits with DA this week right here.

Update: A fun one, and despite what some others have said, I at least found it difficult!:

6 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 18/19th of May, 2012

  1. Grrrrr. In Melbourne on a Friday. Went to the Glen Waverley newsagent only to find they get SMH non Tuesday and Saturday but not Friday. Oi vay.
    Will attmept to get one later today or hope there’s one left at Tullamarine tonight… ;(

  2. A hidden theme (though not too hard to work out), on 17 unnamed clues. DA has given us a treat this weekend.

  3. Well…straight to The Poolroom for moi.

    I found a SMH on a chair when I landed in Sydney sarvo. Have finished in 40mins. Must be. Record for me. Loved a lot of the sneaky clues. 1A, 4A, 15, 27, 18D!

    Well done again DA.

  4. What a fun puzzle. The “pommy’s towel ” was new to me. Does it come from Barry McKenzie? And ” slow as a wet week” was one of my mother’s favorite phrases, but I’ve not heard it elsewhere for years. Is it familiar to anyone under 40?

  5. Yes it was fun. And 2D was my favourite as well. It took me a while to get the theme, after which it got a lot easier for a while. Then, as usual, I slowed right down for the last few, falling just two short (10A and 6D).

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