DA for the 6/7th of April, 2012

Here’s to the early Easter (the real one’s next week) and to a rollicking DA for the break.

Report about bunny rabbits and DAs here.

Update: Not one for the childless:

The charms of this one were lost on me — although I did enjoy ESCHER.

6 thoughts on “DA for the 6/7th of April, 2012

  1. Steady progress until ‘Eureka!’ picked up the theme and the rest fell into place. It’s a lovely piece of work DA…I didn’t pick up the theme early despite clues throughout…not sure about 7D but whatever.

  2. We generally love the clues but this was left us very cold… This is the kind of topic that I’d rather never have to learn about. Couldn’t have got anywhere without google and this site.

  3. I did this while away at Easter, and managed to enlist a young person to help me. Think I have a new convert!

  4. I thought I was familiar with the theme – I even took my daughter to one of their US concerts back in the day – but I had no idea what their surnames were, which got me stuck on a lot of the clues. Oh, well, on to next week.

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