DA for the 20th/21st of April, 2012

It’s my last weekend as a 32 year old, and I’m celebrating by participating in a surprise flash mob at a 40th (I don’t think anyone who will be going to the 40th reads this blog…)

Hopefully I resist the temptation to sneak a peek at the DA during the festivities, although I also hope that the DA will be so good that I can’t resist the temptation.

Update: And here it is:

DA for the 13/14th of April, 2012

How much more frightening is it to do a DA on Friday 13th, Sydneysiders?

Greakster is upon us, and maybe it’s this week, the real Easter weekend, that DA brings us a bunny-related crossword (etymological treat for the day: Easter comes from Ä’ostre, a female pagan goddess whose festival was celebrated around and about, and from whom words such as oestrogen also derive).

To make things even more happily coincidental: the Tigers will probably win this weekend.

Update: The Tigers did indeed win, as did most of us DA Trippers it seems:

Is GLIMPSE the finest hidden clue in a very long while?

Some very easy definitions to get you going, and then the trickiness. KNIFED was a bit harsh, I thought, as was ILL.

No matter: we had LOO and GLIMPSE and GALAH.