DA Confusion for the 23rd/24th of March, 2012

What? Huh?

Standard responses to a DA, all of which can be resolved right here.

67 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 23rd/24th of March, 2012

  1. A good one this week, with a mini-theme that will give Arthur an advantage over us youngsters.

    I have three more to solve over coffee, all in the SE corner.

    I liked the built-in (I won’t tell you which clue), and 1A is a real groaner. The biggest asp disaster in the world.

    I also liked (just got it while brushing my teeth) the last part of 17/14/4. In “elevate register”, either word could be the indicator, and I had it wrong.

  2. All done. I hadn’t heard of 15D, though was able to get it from the wordplay once I had all but one cross letter! I had to resort to a wordfinder for 21D.

    27A. Though he frequently appears at The Comics Curmudgeon, I don’t think I’d ever heard his daughter’s name. It’s also a word in the motto of the order of the garter.

  3. Piece of piss this week. A bit unsure which way DA will flop with 5D and think there may be more than one possibility for 24D. But 30mins gets me to the Pool Room.

  4. Medium-hard for me this week. Needed to do a bit of online research to confirm the name of the Italian writer.

  5. Nice of you to think of me, Rupert. Yes, I remember some of those old singers/musicmakers. Finished top half reasonably easily, some problems in lower half. But, in 6D, how did a US President get in? Or have I the wrong word? Then, Manx horse and island capital in 27A? I had to Google to find Hagar’s mate’s name, never read the strip. Thought my geographical knowledge was very good, but can’t place that one? Maybe on the wrong horse? Only 11 to go. Work to do today, I bought 1,000 copies of a paper called The Regal Standard (c Google), for distribution in Ballarat area. Have to stamp and fold 500 of them,but not all today.

  6. Down to 9 short, having remembered that 12 across locomotive. But that might be it for the day, still nine short. The ‘greens’ in 19A? I had thought broccoli, because of the included col, but no. Can’t find anything in a list of green vegies that fits. Ooops, just saw that one. So, 8 left.

  7. 27A: The islands in question are named for a biblical king.

    6D: The president is commonly known by his middle initial.

  8. Have three so far (3d, 8d and 27a), not looking good. Had to google Hagar’s girl and this gave me the answer but I can’t see the horse in it. Thought I had 1A straight away, but this didn’t fit 3D, which I’m pretty sure I have right.
    Am presuming the soap in 11a is of the opera kind, if so I’ve probably never heard of it.
    No idea on the rest of it at the moment

  9. got 1a now with the help of a thesaurus. Had thought it might have been grasp (GR asp), but didn’t quite fit the def (not that this stops DA!)

  10. Just read above. Athur you don’t want Hagar’s mate, you want his daughter

  11. Thanks for hint on 6d Rupert. Once I had this I saw the old swinger and this in turn gave me 23A/16d (some clever homophones in this, but they did make me groan once I understood them.) I now have a reasoanble start on it so will persevere.

  12. 2D: 1st three letters are the unit to which 17/14/4 belonged, reversed. 300 is roman numerals. One is A, in the 300. Ten is two letters that look the the Arabic number.

    21D: Angle as in deviation from vertical, nearly means remove the last letter. Then three letters for the plural of the unspecialised members of 17/14/4’s much larger organisation. The whole being reversed.

  13. thanks Rupert, had an Italian that fitted the number of letters, could see 300 and 10 in it but couldn’t make out the rest. Don’t have 17/14/4 but I guess I know the unit now!
    Back to Google I think.

  14. got 17/14/4 and henec 1d/10a but don’t get most of the word play in either of them. See the snot but not much else. This gave me 13a. Can see the corrupt crook but not the rest of the wordplay.
    got 11a now, so all of the top half done.
    Don’t get wordplay in 29a/7d

  15. nn, 29,7d is an anagram.
    I’m well and truly foxed by most of the top half, got all the bottom. Finding this really difficult – wouldn’t have got beyond 1 and 3 without looking at comments on here.

  16. thanks Mary, I suppose Laced is the anagrind?
    I have 4 to go in the bottom half 24d, 22d , 18d and26a. Can fit a mathematical word to 18d but doesn’t make any sense in terms of clue or wordplay.

  17. Mary some familiarity with the music of world war 2 will be a big help with a lot of the top half. Fortunately for those of us who are a bit younger than Arthur, DA has been kind enough to pick a few well known entertainers.

  18. 24d seems to have several possibilities from the crossers, but my bet is the one that might call Sherlock to mind.
    22d There are three quarters in the solution, but only two of them are the ones referred to in the clue
    18d You probably have the same word I have – I can’t parse it either!
    26a is a double definition.
    I’m now trying to decide whether Rupert’s hints for 2d are a hindrance or a help – for the moment, the former.

  19. Mary I finally worked out 18d wordplay. It is reverse hidden word inside words two, three and four. Inner being the containment indicator, over being the reversal. Nine is an example of the answer.
    Don’t get the Sherlock one, maybe I have a different answer. I have only two possibilities, one is up in the air, the other is usually on the ground.
    Got the others and agree with your interpretations.
    I think Rupert’s hints are a help with the wordplay in 2d, but maybe not the answer.
    I just googled a list of Italian writers. Wikipedia has a list in alphabetical order. If you have 1a you will know what it starts with and there is only one on the list with the right number of letters. From there you are part way to understanding Rupert’s explanation. The first three letters gave me the most grief as letters 1 and 2 are an abbreviation. Combine these with letter 3 and you get group that 17/14/4 came from. If you don’t have 17/14/4 yet it probably won’t make much sense

  20. Thanks, nn, it does make sense. I had the song and the girls, but had to do a lot of googling to get to the group. In fact the ones I’ve had most trouble with are the non-theme ones, and I’m still left with 4 and 5. I’m glad my grand-daughters aren’t with me this weekend – this one might have put them off!

  21. What has the ‘court’ got to do with 4, or have I missed something? Also, where does the last letter of 5 come from? Too many questions, not enough time!

  22. Mary 4a I think the definition is court panel. You find these things on a basketball court. Not sure how the first half of the answer is indicated by the wordplay, looks as if “second” somehow indicates the first 4 letters?
    I think the last letter in 5 is a wheel (by its shape). I didn’t think much of this clue!

  23. Just as I posted I worked out how second gives first 4 letters of 4. Think meetings and motions.

  24. nn, to find the wordplay for 13a think ‘radicalism’. Mary, I think ‘wheel’ may be the word to think about. I am still unsure of 21d.

  25. 5d, O, I see – to fit the rest of the clue, but it makes it a bit of a stretch. Don’t think I like it much, either.
    I’d got the ‘second’ bit, but hadn’t heard of the netball connection. Doesn’t the clue work just as well without the court altogether?

  26. Ann, 21d, whole thing upwards, so starting from the bottom, 5-letter word for angle without its last letter, followed by three-letter description of uniformed members of theme group.

  27. Mary basketball rather than netball. I don’t think there is one of these in netball. Probably still works ok without court, but court makes it a bit more specific. Just having panel leaves lots of other possibilities.
    Thanks Anne, got caught by DA’s tricky lack of spaces!
    21d, lean is probably better than angle in terms of what you need to think about for the last 4 letters.

  28. When did DA ever worry about leaving us with lots of possibilities?!
    I forgot to say – the Sherlock reference – he was always saying the game’s ***** when things got moving.

  29. @Mary,
    Thanks for your explanation of 21D. I got the answer by using the across letters and assuming that “waves” was the def, but I was puzzled by the wordplay.

  30. 13A: “radicalism” like “belligerent” two weeks ago. Anagrist and anagrind in same word. I like it!

  31. Got back and have now added a few, only four left. 18, 22 & 24D, 28A. Will ponder further later. Might have an idea about 24D, but uncertain.

  32. 1A: I kept trying to make RANGE, SCOPE or SPAN+? fit the other parts of the clue. Then I remembered studying Anthony and Cleopatra at school and the denarius descended.

  33. @Arthur C.
    Some hints for 28A:
    The first word is the def.
    ‘pervert’ is not a noun, but a four-letter verb. But it’s interrupted by two other letters here.
    Scoreless draw is like the word ‘spectacles’. But in this case there is one letter in between the two Os.

  34. Hey trippers,
    Any help for the wordplay for letters 7-11 of 23A? I have the answer but don’t understand this bit.

  35. Thanks Mary and nn. I had 25a wrong which was why I couldn’t get anything meaningful for 21d.

  36. Thanks Mary and nn for your help with 23A. I think the reason why I struggled with this is that the word order of the clue – “sweet talk” – is different to the word order of the answer. Also, I don’t pronounce the name of that sweet that way.

  37. I’d still be mystified by the wordplay in 21d if it wasn’t for you all! Took forever to work out how 25a could mean crack – was thinking of clefts of various kinds.
    And not, for me anyway, a unit of urine Keith E!

  38. Got most of this one out quickly. Enjoyed the mini-theme and thought 1A was fun. I had 28A but hadn’t fully worked out the word play until I read iPuzzled’s comment above. Thanks for that, iPuzzled. Unlike spijk, I know how 25A can mean ‘crack’, but I’ve no idea how it can mean ‘silencer’. Still to work out a few, all in the bottom half. Cross letters would indicate that the word I have for 18D is the same one that Mary and nn have, but the word play eludes me. Any help with 21D and 22D would also be appreciated.

  39. Dave R,
    Re 22D:
    ‘Quarters’ refers to compass directions and gives two letters (3 and 4). Wrapping these is a slang-ish (abbreviation) word kind of meaning awkward.
    The def is “agency for good”. It’s an international organisation.

  40. I agree with Keith. Very easy this week. It barely lasted the bus trip home. Rupert, printed out one of yours to sate me.

    Dave, 21d def is “waves”. Think radio.

  41. Dave R re 25a if you wear the answer you are effectively silenced. see my 11.40 am comment for 18d.
    21d waves is the def as in to attract attention. Reading answer from bottom up, a five letter word meaning lean (at an angle) with the last letter missing (if that doesn’t make sense I’ll try to put another slant on it). Top 3 letters (again reading up) is plural of the types of people who the singers in the rest of it often entertained.
    I’m still puzzled as to what the 8 downer bit means in 20D

  42. Dave, in movies, when a person is tied up, they often have a 25a put in their mouths to keep them quiet. A court can also slap a 25a order on someone for a similar purpose.

  43. All filled in, a few minutes after my 1305 post. And thanks, iPuzzled, for the explanation above, I had written in the answer to 28A without fully understanding the bits of the clue. I’m never sure all my answers are right till I see Monday’s paper.

  44. Thanks KM, nn and iPuzzled. Always feel like kicking myself when I’ve missed something so blindingly obvious (in hindsight). Although I probably wouldn’t have thought of 21D as obvious even if I had worked it out entirely myself.

  45. Hard for me this week. I agree with Mary, not a good one for the younger generation.

  46. I found this a hard one too. Some obscure stuff and strange anagrinds. Having GUN for 25A didn’t help either! Did like 1A!

  47. Wondering if someone can help with last one in yesterday’s HeraldSun cryptic – ‘My doctor has a recent mutually planned idea’ Answer is ?o??e?t?d.

  48. Looks like CONCERTED. Last three words are the definition. Anagram of RECENT (though I don’t see the anagrind) inside DOC reversed (though I don’t see a reversal indicator).

  49. Thanks, Rupert. I think that must be right, but agree with your comments. The only possible anagrind I can see is ‘doctor’ but that doesn’t add up.

  50. All was OK! (breathes deep sigh of relief). Rest easy till Saturday, the weekday ones are generally fairly straightforward.

  51. Hi, just wondering whether someone can help me with wordplay for 6D from last week (Clue: Female gardener randy for all. Answer: Every) Happy that “female gardener” translates to “Eve”, but unhappy with “ry” being a simple abbreviation of “randy”. I noticed iPuzzled thought there was a similar abbreviation two weeks ago, with “hands” equal to “hs”. But I intepreted “hands” as an abbreviation of “hours, seconds” on a clock. Maybe readinhg too much into the clue! Any thoughts? Thanks, Grant

  52. @grant,

    Originally I thought ‘hands’ referred to clock hands, but now I suspect that feather’s explanation above is the correct one.

    So, looking forward to “brandy” = BRY, “dandy” = DY, “shandy” = SHY and many others in future. I wonder how many English words have “with” in the middle? Could provide more possibilities for this type of clue.

  53. Foolishly put in “Gr-asp” as Cleopatra’s last words which messed me up for the top half of the puzzle. As a trumpet player pretty disappointed not to get 17, 14, 4, but liked 12a and his song, with which I serenaded a rather bemused AMM. Also liked 6d.

  54. Still don’t get the word play for 1d 10a. Strong willed souls? Late post I know but kept hoping it would come to me.

  55. 1D/10A: Two tricks to note:
    with = AND;
    wits lost sex appeal = WIT’s lost IT = W (not WS as I originally thought).
    The remainder is the strong-willed souls.

  56. Thanks Rupert. Can’t say I would have ever got it without your tricks advice.

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