DA Reports for the 9/10th of March, 2012

Here be another DA.

Report on it here, and forever hold your spoiler peace until Monday.

Update: A fun one even though I didn’t get 5 across:

MOTLEY CRUE was classic, and I thoroughly enjoyed LEGIBLE, EVEREST and METH LABS. My SE corner suffered from not having heard of a NULLA NULLA.

3 thoughts on “DA Reports for the 9/10th of March, 2012

  1. Got 5A but haven’t cracked 3/25 yet which will no doubt be a pearler.

  2. I’ve found a solving partner (BRD), through a mutual friend. We mull and mutter over coffee and bikkies until we reach completion, then we have a brief post mortem. Interestingly today, we both pretty well worked our way down from top to bottom.

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