DA for the 24/25th of February, 2012

Happy days for another DA this week.

Talk about it here.

Update: Ridiculously tough:

I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder to get DA clues out, but I just had to figure out the theme even if I didn’t finish the crossword. I don’t think the theme necessarily made the crossword hard; some of the clues on their own were ridiculously tough.

AMPOL, for instance, featured a strange definition, a very difficult but very amusing synonym and the theme. In combination, a very tough one to crack, as were many others.

2 thoughts on “DA for the 24/25th of February, 2012

  1. Not happy days. More like a DAze. This week’s was a bit 28A.
    If it wasn’t for Rupert and BRD, I’d be decidedly 15D.
    Angels and aliens, a poet, a prophet,
    The mystery is revealed if you photoshop it!

    (Which is what I think 30 A could have been, if DA hadn’t run out of space.)

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