Talking About Cryptics

Megan Garrett-Jones has asked for an experienced cruciverbalist, which I would say everyone here could be counted as, to make a presentation in Sydney on cryptics.

In her own words:

I am urgently looking for a Sydney-based ‘expert’ (self-confessed of otherwise) to lead a short presentation on cryptic crossword solving at the Surry Hills Library this Thursday (1st March). Format is open – can be the practical basics, or about their personal passion.

It is for the final installation in a series called ‘Your Better Life’, organised by a group of artists called ‘Bake Sale’ in associated with the City of Sydney and the Surry Hills Library’s ‘Late Night at the Library’ program. Past events have been courses on LOVE, CULTURE, ENTERTAINING, and this one will be SMARTS. It is a 20 minute presentation at 9pm preceding a demonstration from some dapper fashion aficionados. The remuneration is $200 and an extreme amount of gratitude for the presenter’s time and wisdom.

Anyone interested should contact Megan megan.garrett.jones[at]

If you’re willing to join in on what looks to be a lot of fun, contact her directly.

DA for the 24/25th of February, 2012

Happy days for another DA this week.

Talk about it here.

Update: Ridiculously tough:

I don’t think I’ve ever worked harder to get DA clues out, but I just had to figure out the theme even if I didn’t finish the crossword. I don’t think the theme necessarily made the crossword hard; some of the clues on their own were ridiculously tough.

AMPOL, for instance, featured a strange definition, a very difficult but very amusing synonym and the theme. In combination, a very tough one to crack, as were many others.

DA for 10/11th of February, 2012

Do you reckon those with the initials DA are more likely than others to become district attorneys? Or be devotees of dadaism?

Report on your DA experience here (no spoilers until Monday).

Update: Jolly fun:

RC and I smashed through this one before resorting to hints and tips on this blog WHACKO, OAKUM and, embarrassingly, PHANTOM.

Much fun.