DA for the 27/28th of January, 2012

Is DA Australia’s greatest cultural institution? Perhaps after AFL football? Perhaps after Warne’s bowling and Bradman’s batting? Australian of the year Geoffrey Rush would probably agree.

Anyway, here’s where you explain why DA is or isn’t Australia’s greatest cultural institution.

Update: A fun, tough one:

An enjoyable one that RC and I combined forces on. We failed in the southwest corner, which I think everyone here had the most trouble with, but had some fun everywhere else.

6 thoughts on “DA for the 27/28th of January, 2012

  1. Had a great one today despite a very difficult finish. Lots of guffaws including at 1A, 20A, 25A and 8D. Vocab expanded at 13D and 15A where I guessed the answer…love cryptics for that.

  2. Nearly finished but can’t think how some answers work – notably 3D, but also 7D, 8D and 20A.
    Hints for 13D and 14D would be appreciated.

  3. I’d put DA above Barry H and on a par with Patrick White and Sidney Nolan. Sydney Dance Company would be close behind. I certainly agree that AFL football (for better or worse) is Number 1.

  4. Pretty happy with this week’s, with two exceptions. 7D seemed needlessly obscure in its wordplay. And 19A, while clever, to my mind violated the rule by which the definition should appear either at the beginning or the end of the clue. “Nod head if you want fruit” would have done just as well.

  5. AG, I agree about 7D and 19A. In general, I thought there was too much convoluted wordplay, but that happens just about every week. At the other end of the scale, 26A was so obvious and lame.

    Some good clues, of which 20A was my favourite.

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