DA for the 20th/21st of January, 2012

It’s DA for your fine selves.

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Update: A fun one:

The general consensus seemed to rate this as reasonably easy, but I gotta say I found it quite tough. Didn’t get much more than halfway through before referring to the solutions.

A fun theme, though.

12 thoughts on “DA for the 20th/21st of January, 2012

  1. This was A PB for me. 45minutes tops. Had fun but yes it will be annoying. Got the theme clue very late.

  2. I enjoyed this one a lot. Probably because it was a bit easier than usual; and only a couple of things to whinge about (which I shall do in due course)!

  3. Loved this one – and very achievable (after last week’s which left me cursing)!

  4. I was a bit put off by the wordplay intro with this one towards the end of my solving. There are four clues without the described wordplay but I took it to be just two, i.e. 26 suffering one PLUS two suffering twice, making 28. Should it be 24 PLUS two, or 26 INCLUDING two…..?

  5. @Jonathan: by my count (counting 3D and 12A as separate) there are 6 clues without the amended wordplay, 24 with a single instance of it, and 2 with two instances of it. Over in the spoilers thread someone has listed the 6 and the 2.

  6. I agree about the wordplay intro, Jonathan. It should have said “including” not “plus”. The preceding “including 3-down” muddied the waters a bit too.

    I think the intro should have read “…….26 of today’s clues suffer 3-down 12-across, including 3-down itself, and also including two clues twice………….”. DA, are you listening?

  7. This is the worst Ive ever gone. One answer written in and 2 others I ‘educatedly’ guessed but could not work out the wordplay for (without the theme).

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