DA for the 6/7th of January, 2012

DA brings in the new year this week with what I imagine to be a corker.

Celebrate the new year in style.

Update: Hard going:

RC, JC, OS, NS and I met at Station Pier in Port Melbourne for the annual Greek Orthodox blessing of the waters. It’s hallowed ground, the second place my parents, OS and NS, set foot on Australian soil (the boat landed in Fremantle first), and it was RC who stepped up to the plate and dove into the waters in pursuit of the wooden cross tossed into the waters by the Melbourne’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop.

All it needed was another twenty or so metres and it would have been the unbaptised, non-Greek and irreligious RC receiving the Archbishop’s blessing, but as it was, a strong-finishing third was an admirable effort.

We decamped to RC’s lounge room and stumbled through the DA. Really, we only got about halfway through before we called it a day. It was a poor effort on our parts, but it was a fine day nonetheless.

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