DA for the 27/28th of January, 2012

Is DA Australia’s greatest cultural institution? Perhaps after AFL football? Perhaps after Warne’s bowling and Bradman’s batting? Australian of the year Geoffrey Rush would probably agree.

Anyway, here’s where you explain why DA is or isn’t Australia’s greatest cultural institution.

Update: A fun, tough one:

An enjoyable one that RC and I combined forces on. We failed in the southwest corner, which I think everyone here had the most trouble with, but had some fun everywhere else.

DA for the 13/14th of January, 2012

It’s a Friday the 13th DA for Sydneysiders — a horrorific spectacular that bodes not so well.

Perhaps it will be full of references to Melbourne.

Update: A tough one:

I bounded through this effortlessly until about two-thirds of the way through when I hit the wall, and I really didn’t get very far past that wall.

A good one I thought nonetheless.

DA for the 6/7th of January, 2012

DA brings in the new year this week with what I imagine to be a corker.

Celebrate the new year in style.

Update: Hard going:

RC, JC, OS, NS and I met at Station Pier in Port Melbourne for the annual Greek Orthodox blessing of the waters. It’s hallowed ground, the second place my parents, OS and NS, set foot on Australian soil (the boat landed in Fremantle first), and it was RC who stepped up to the plate and dove into the waters in pursuit of the wooden cross tossed into the waters by the Melbourne’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop.

All it needed was another twenty or so metres and it would have been the unbaptised, non-Greek and irreligious RC receiving the Archbishop’s blessing, but as it was, a strong-finishing third was an admirable effort.

We decamped to RC’s lounge room and stumbled through the DA. Really, we only got about halfway through before we called it a day. It was a poor effort on our parts, but it was a fine day nonetheless.

An AS Atypical for January, 2012

2012 is upon us — happy, happy days! — and should FriDAy or SaturDAy look too far away for your cryptic crossword fix, try this AS Atypical.

May this cryptic bring forth quizzical joy, but if not, sorry for my vainglorious cryptic assay.

Instructions: All cluing for what constructs this crossword’s inscription, which a star marks out, contains only wordplay and no synonym. In addition, said inscription is also a 26, 4-across.

A 1-across 15-down 12-across 14-down onto 28-down, 21-down 27-down.

1. Thomson, say (5) *
4. Go to 26-across
10. Gandhi outright in Asia (5)
11. Shock a soft colour codification (5)
12. Mark will not pass by dolt (3) *
13. Mag icon is about waxing and waning stars (12)
16. Grows biting salmon principally for rich noobs (8)
17. Usual bad guy’s dram of grog is uncustomarily drunk (4)
20. Boost orphan Cyrillic bard (4)
22. Brainy salutation on air at summit (8)
26, 4. A Mac program malting pi cracks this crossword in particular (12, 8)
29. Manx comic dog spawns non-purist sport format (1.1.1.)
30. Fabulous guardian missing nothing of fabulous ship drawn to land of opportunity (5)
31. Board approvals in Zurich (5)
32. Drink for drunks slurring photos (8)
33. Wow! Boudoir lubricant is disgusting (5)

1. Marx’s gift array drops what this crossword lacks (4)
2. Brings to trial “kind” Picts ripping noggins off (7)
3. Malaprop magician William Archibald humanly stocks gang to supply bigot (8)
5. Puck should aurally thrust (6)
6. Could zip-on clothing undo this crossword’s philosophical organisation? (6)
7. Band around back brings about Finn’s pursuit (7)
8. 100.9 on transistor initially for quaint hybrid (4)
9. Nick drops pill, scraps frolics (7)
14. Lo: marshals (5) *
15. U2 in sci-fi bomb starts in an unfamiliar way (5) *
18. Organic stuff mantra splits AC/DC from Californian Fanny (7)
19. Sri Lankan drink car to divvy lodgings baring hang out for yaks (8)
21. Bulgarian or Ukrainian or similar — kind of? (7) *
23. Curtin uproar shrouding disc brouhaha (7)
24. Spiny animal craniums in giant urns astonish nosy arborists (6)
25. Outstanding injunction against bowwow flip (4-2)
27. Adriatic’s most high officials’ fourth post shorn (4) *
28. Common, boring night sound (4) *