DA for 9/10th of December, 2011

And a happy DA for you.

Let us know how it goes here (although no spoilers until Monday).

Update: Happy times:

Was enjoying this one until I put SHINGLEBACK in as one of the answers. I hadn’t heard of the word, and when I looked it up in Chambers, it wasn’t listed so I assumed the answer was wrong, threw in the towel and decided to look at the answers.

Groaned when I discovered SHINGLEBACK was indeed the answer.

DA for the 2nd/3rd of December, 2011

Am off to see and review Sade for Inpress and can’t help but to think something involving SADE might end up being a very great clue indeed.

Any reference to Nigerian marquises in this week’s DA?

Update: Not bad, although some big-time nastiness:

The golden moment: RC asks what BORIS could possibly be a famous dancer; I reply BORIS SPASSKY — but he’s a chess player. We slap our heads: master mover is gold!

We cheated with BOHEA, PLAY HOOKY and LYONNAISE. We were very glad we cheated — we were way off.