DA for the 16/17th of December, 2011

DA himself has already put out the warning: this week’s (and next week’s) crosswords are doozies.

The festive season is looking decidedly fun, especially if DA can pull off another Christmas special like he did two years ago.

No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A lot of fun:

RC and I combined forces for some good DA fun.

17 thoughts on “DA for the 16/17th of December, 2011

  1. I wouldn’t let DA’s comments put you off. The theme is not obtrusive and the puzzle is a little easier than average – took me 50 minutes.

  2. On a slightly off-topic note, this is my second week using the new SMH digital edition and it’s a lot easier to find the crossword (once you realise it’s under Television) and easier to print, too.

  3. I thought it was good today. 10A, 12A and 18A top of my list.
    I thought the lack of a definition (only dots) in 16A
    was dodgy, but that’s DA for you!

  4. john: yes, but DA usually only uses ellipses to smooth the surface. It’s unusual for him to share part of the clue like this.

  5. Got it out except for 3D and 27A with RC today.

    A very enjoyable one, we thought.

    I’m gonna be telling anyone who cares that DA was inspired by the latest AS special (although it’s far more likely that DA had already created the crossword before the AS special was published).

  6. AS, thought the same about the inspiration of your special. They were both fun.

  7. I enjoyed this week’s crossie. The top half came out in record time, but I found the bottom half (esp the SW corner) a good deal tougher.

  8. In trying to study exactly what a rebus is, I found the last time a DA clue was described here as a ‘rebus’. It was in crossword 19,444 at 12/13 August 2011. It needed to be a down clue to make it work and it was “3D Spiritual mentor injected heroin, perhaps, at league club? (9)”

    Spiritual mentor (RABBI) injected heroin, perhaps (SHOT UP) at league club (definition).

    Answer = RABBITOHS = RABBI + TOHS The rebus bit was the letters 6-9 which I can relate to being a rebus, the four letters being a ‘picture’ of sorts.

    However, with NEW FOREST which has the instruction/anagrind (NEW) in the answer to give you a word in the clue (FOSTER), how exactly is that a rebus?

  9. I called this particular clue a rebus because the answer is a cryptic clue for the clue. This may not be the correct term for it. It’s not a rebus in the sense of a word picture, but cruciverbalists seem to have their own meanings for some words.

  10. Thanks Rupert. 12A was certainly most unusual having, as you say, the answer cluing the clue. All very intriguing as always.

  11. Rupert, thankyou for the crossie!! Everyone here should try it. And thanks also for the PDF version to resist the temptation to cheat. I haven’t finished it yet, but wanted to jump on here and recommend it. 16A gave it to me, before I got the 8 part of 10 down 8.
    20 A’s truly spectacular. Some really nice indicators and definitions. I like 21D, 30A and lots more …… later.

  12. Am part way through your crossword Rupert, having a good laugh. Disappointed that 23A wasn’t clued as “10 down 8 has modest hold of 10 down 8” though.

  13. nn: Only because I missed it. That’s a great clue.

    I should have thought of working the 2-letter 10D8s in as parts of clues. I was too lazy to design my own grid with 2-letter words.

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