Your DA Poolroom Moment

The DA Poolroom was inaugurated not too long ago when RC completed his first unassisted DA, just he, the pen, the paper and DA.

I’ve noticed that a few of you have clocked in personal bests for this week’s DA, so I figure RC shouldn’t be the only one to have his efforts recorded for posterity: if you’ve got a PB, share the thrill among people who know the feeling.

You can comment about your exploits here; or, better yet, you can email me a photo or scan of your hard-fought efforts with DA and I’ll post it on the blog for the DA faithful to marvel at.

The address to email me at is in the sidebar to your right. If it’s a personal best, whatever it is — the time you got past halfway; the time you completed the DA and only cheated twice; the time you vanquished DA tag team with a friend; the time you completed the DA solo; the time you finished the DA in under thirty minutes —  just send it through to the DA Poolroom and your efforts shall be immortalised.

Update: I’ve just got to post my crossword of victory:

It’s been a long while since I’ve completed a solo vanquishing, and I needed to immortalise it here. Although RC didn’t help me directly with clues, I couldn’t have done it without his moral support on the Sunday when I was just about willing to throw in the towel.

Also on the sheet is the scorecard of my victory against my dad in πινάκ, which is a Greek version of Rummy. It was a big weekend.

3 thoughts on “Your DA Poolroom Moment

  1. Though poolroom moments are indeed to be celebrated, albeit rare in my experience, I think all of us have had “anti-poolroom days”. These include having a completely blank crossword after the first 2 readthroughs, or triumphantly putting in a lovely, consonant-filled 1 across—and then nothing. Should we have a DA Doghouse as well, where we can post in our PWs* eg. “it’s Sunday night and all I’ve mangaged is the word divisions and one ‘…..ed'”.
    *Personal Worst

  2. PB for me – less than one hour. Looking poorly after getting only a couple during the first run-through but to my suprise got a real roll-on and got the theme clue almost last. Well done me.

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