DA for the 25/26th of November, 2011

I’m back in town for this week’s DA after my quick sojourn into South East Asia.

But before getting into the crossword, I have a musing that I’m puzzling over: is there a word for synonyms that are also antonyms? There are auto-antonyms, which are words that can have their own opposing meaning, such as cleave, bolt and sanction.

But how about words such as up and down, which are, in the conventional sense, antonyms, but which are also synonyms, i.e. I’m up with that and I’m down with that; or I’m up for it and I’m down for it.

No doubt there are many others where up and down come from, but I can’t think of anything on this mild Thursday.

Update: Hohum:

Lost all interest once I figured out the theme. Not sure why DA thought we’d be interested in a pest theme — a little disappointing.

DA trippers: The DAocumentary

Were you unable to make it to the DA Trippers Tripleversary Powwow?    Is this week’s DA cryptic just too far away to bear? Do you have trouble getting through the day until Letters and Numbers starts?

A salve to these irritations might be looking at the short doco that a team from RMIT made about DA and his fans, featuring interviews with DA, AS, RC and scenes from the powwow!!!!


Should a documentary about cryptic tragics be a “crocumentary”?

Spoiler warning: you may find out what we look like, leading to great disappointment.

DA for the 4/5th of November, 2011

I have it from DA himself that this week’s crossword is indeed curly.

Batten down the hatches for what will likely be a very intense session with a 15×15 grid.

And remember: no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: Themes, themes, everywhere:

RC and I got together in his backyard for this one, and we were plenty happy to say a double-theme in a single crossword.

Fun times.