DA for the 28/29th of October, 2011

A welcome DA distraction this week: I will stuck in a car to Leongatha and back with nothing much else to do.

(No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday)

Update: A fine Leongatha accompaniment:

Missed out on the NE corner, but had fun anyway.

19 thoughts on “DA for the 28/29th of October, 2011

  1. A good one to take on the trip to Leongatha, AS. Relatively google free, and some entertaining clues.

  2. Quick today. Too quick. Pb at 45mins odd. Off to the Pool Room.

    I liked 18A 27A 3D 16D and 23D but didn’t like the clueing for 5A 11A.

  3. @JJ: I always thought it was a flying dragon…but I guess until you’ve seen one you’d never ever know for sure.

  4. @ RobT, I recollect that some time ago 21A was an answer to a clue (can’t recall the wording of the clue) but the defn was sea monster. This mistake was made known prompting an apology from DA.
    As for winged or flying, same difference I reckon :)

  5. Found it in my archives. 23 July 2010.
    The wording of the clue was ” The reason fantasy writer discussed sea-monster”

  6. Well, there are two sorts. The ones on West Dorset council’s coat of arms have fish tails, but they’re usually prefixed with “Sea-” to distinguish them from the flying sort.

  7. @Noel:…I guessed it using the clues but confirmed it via Google. The magic of cryptics!

  8. Same. But in this week’s early bird chat at the end of last week’s confusion thread, Rupert said he knew it!
    10A quibble, archaic? Haven’t seen one in years – unless infomercials and the weather count.

  9. This was another enjoyable puzzle. Raced through most yesterday, then became very busy. Only had five to nut out today.

    Still have to visit confusion to sort out a couple of word plays.

  10. 4D: “Gold”, I reckon … or is this one of those DA doozies that divides the solving community?

  11. Very clever clue indeed, IG. “Gold” has two meaning here also!

    Adam Spencer* liked it too in his Tweets about DA on Friday. A friend told me recently that Adam is giving clues each week to a range of crosswords including DA on Fridays. Not recommended because he gives away the answers pretty quickly.

    *ABC 702 Sydney Local Radio host

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