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  1. Interesting reading. .. thankyou for posting … and to read online the ‘themed’ Greenward palindrome mentioned in the article. A kind of ‘Rain Man’ of words. Sad Barry Duncan doesn’t feel appreciated.
    Last entry for a palindrome in the Guiness book of records in the 1980s was over 44 thousand words! I imagine they stopped then because of computers, but this fellow does it by hand. Hope DA doesn’t get the idea to do a 15X15 palindrome .. only he’d probably do it upside down with the themed words omitted :)

  2. That sounds challenging. I was working on an alphabetical, and was almost finished when I realised that I’d used a grid with almost none of the first letters crossed, which would make it insanely hard. So I’m back to the drawing board, and I might see if the anagram thing works. You’d only have to do half as many clues.

    Maybe something on the lines of “Some clues have definitions only, and their answers are anagrams of answers elsewhere in the grid”?

  3. Interesting article, but slanted toward making him seem pathetic. There are much better palindromists around who are more successful in work and love, too. Professor John Connett from Minnesota writes hundreds of very funny palindromes (“Eva, can I stack Rod’s sad-ass, dork cats in a cave?”) Author/cartoonist Jon Agee (“Go Hang a aSalami, I’m a Lasagna Hog”) was nominated for a National Book Award and is finishing his 6th book of popular palindrome cartoons. Not to mention comedian Demitri Martin, a movie star and Daily Show correspondent, who has a great 500-word palindrome in his new book “This Is A Book.” Unlike Duncan’s long palindrome, Martin’s does not resort to initials or need a glossary to explain it at the end.

    If you like that kind of stuff, check out my magazine/web site “The Palindromist”..

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