DA for the 9/10th of September, 2011

I have it on very good authority — DA himself! — that this week’s crossword features a theme, and a quirky one at that.

Prepare yourself for much joy.

No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A fun one indeed:

A jolly good piece of fun, although I can’t say I was particularly successful. One certainly to remember.

10 thoughts on “DA for the 9/10th of September, 2011

  1. People who didn’t like Little Creatures won’t like this one. I’m finding it quite enjoyable. Just the right amount of challenge.

    Found the theme out in about half an hour (8D gave me the clue to solve 22A). Only solved 2 of the 11 themed clues over breakfast – will hopefully make some progress over coffee.

  2. Slow going with this one. Apart from a few, am finding even the non themed clues difficult.

  3. Pretty slow to start with but then got a wriggle on.
    I appreciate the effort he’s gone to, although a few thematic clues a re a bit lame eg 28A which isn’t an extraction but rather in the suffix/prefix area. But that’s quibbling on my part.
    I particularly liked the tricky clueing for 9A and 8D.

  4. A welcome return to form. I love a good theme with all the common types included without plurals or repitition. Unsure of wordplay in 3D and 4A. Enjoyed 19A. I always relish a little cryptic message from DA at the start of puzzle.

  5. DA was a little more giving in his forewaord than he need have been. I wonder why the verbosity?

  6. Possibly because of complaints from Little Creatures and Turning the Tables that the instructions weren’t clear?

  7. Possibly, but I thought they had been perfectly clear…just not easy.

  8. I was struck by the clarity of the instructions before starting and that gave me courage. I thought DA .. and/or his editor … did a good job today.

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