DA for the 30th September, 1st of October, 2011

It’s a weekend full of excitement: three years of couplehood is celebrated, the AFL year culminates and another DA comes our way.

Here’s hoping for a good one to mark the occasion.

Aside: RC is in Laos at the moment, and I’m going to Macau in November, and those two words in my head surprised me: Laos and Macau rhyme (is Laos the only case in English of a silent s at the end of a word?)

Note: no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: An enjoyable one:

Didn’t get them all, but got most out before resorting to cheating.

And now, put me out of misery: what is CAPTAIN NEMO referencing? CAPTAIN NEMO was the captain of a submarine, but the submarine’s title was NAUTILUS.

Or is it meant to be read as IN SUB TITLE, i.e. the title of the person in the sub?

DA for the 23rd/24th of September, 2011

Another DA for us fine folk.

Comment away below on its general characteristics, but no spoilers until Monday.

Update: A jolly good one:

Some quality clues this week, and a little on the easier side. I found this week’s a little tougher than last week’s, mostly because the general knowledge referenced didn’t suit me so well (UTE MUSTER, BERGAMOT, COPAL, MAN FLU).

DA for the 16/17th of September, 2011

Most probably a non-themed this week. Personally, I’d like one that isn’t too hard — I’ve certainly felt I’ve had to battle over the past few weeks to get something out, which is certainly a good thing, but now I want some DA confidence back.

Anyway, whatever comes about, I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Update: In Jonathan’s absence, both Robin and Rupert come through with the goods:

The question on everyone’s lips: as TT alerted us in the comments, did DA reference Paul McCartney’s song, Best Love, in this crossword? The song has the line “Thanks for solving Friday’s crossword; who knew Ivan was a tsar?”

Ask DA, and you will receive: I was in need of a confidence booster, and I ripped through this one in quick time with only MIDAS and SOT eluding me (though I really should have stuck it out a bit longer, solved the clues and put this crossword in the poolroom).

An enjoyable one.


DA for the 9/10th of September, 2011

I have it on very good authority — DA himself! — that this week’s crossword features a theme, and a quirky one at that.

Prepare yourself for much joy.

No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A fun one indeed:

A jolly good piece of fun, although I can’t say I was particularly successful. One certainly to remember.