The DA Tripleversary Powwow Report

It was a joyous occasion at Arcadia as about ten of us gathered to cruciverbalise and meet our cryptic guru. DA proved to be as disarming as he appears on TV and not in the slightest bit as curly as some of his clues might make him out to be.

Meeting the people who’ve taken part in forming this blog was extra special good, and the added diversion of a film crew made things that little bit stranger and more memorable.

And here we are, right in the middle of listening to one of RC’s fine array of anecdotes:

We took over four tables out the back and I doubt Arcadia will want us back: most of us were still there fours hours after first sitting down, and RC, Ian and I extended that stay to five!

Update: And Ian has kindly sent through his better-quality photo of the event, one in which we’re paying more attention to the photographer:

Further update: And you might notice that the photos above look a whole lot brighter all of a sudden. That’s thanks to the Robin’s fine image manipulation skills, so a big thank you to her.

Further further update: Wiping the egg off my face: Robin is male!

DA Gold for the 12/13th of August, 2011

It’s between too long between Gold posts; thankfully this week’s had plenty of pearlers:

13 across: Crow falsely in leas, lacking trouble! (3, 4)
A ridiculously good &lit, even if the in is superfluous: crow falsely – leas trouble = cry wolf = crow falsely in leads, lacking trouble.

3 down: Spiritual mentor injected heroin, perhaps, at league club? (9)
TOSH for injected heroin = shot up was genius.

1 across: My job becomes monstrous when changing hands (5)
Changing hands is a classic DA manoeuvre, and this is another classic clue: monstrous when changing hands = cruel changing hands = cluer = my job.

29 across: French connection absorbs fraud in Africa (5)
An excellent reference to a common French word: French connection absorbs fraud = et absorbs gyp = Egypt = in Africa.

25 across: Gear in Top Gear broadcast, as kids claim (7)
An excellent piece of slang and definition: broadcast as kids claim = air bags = airbags = gear in Top Gear.

24 down: Old girl hides key on island (5)
Classic piece of DA subterfuge: old girl hides key = ma hides alt = Malta = island.

DA Bullshit for the 12/13th of August, 2011

In celebration of this blog’s three years, time to bring back the bullshit call:

1 down: Wine hack (3)
No one says cab for wine. Surely that’s a stretch too far.

15 across: Naval bigwig had doffed cap to one replacing lifebuoy held by puritan? (7)
Held by puritan = moral deserved more than a single question mark.

DA for the 12/13th of August, 2011

Hopefully this one’s a good one for the DA Tripleversary Cryptic Powwow tomorrow.

Give us your opinions here. (No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday)

Update: And it was quality:

RC’s worries proved prescient: having DA around only leads to performance anxiety. It was only after DA had left the building that RC and I got going, and Ian (IG) got us up to speed with a few before we combined our cryptic forces and put this one to the sword.

It was a very solid one too, although the three-pronged attack was certainly welcome on a few of the curlier clues. Very much enjoy the new moniker too: ARCADIANS is a glorious anagrammatic find.

Special Event: The DA Tripleversary Cryptic Powwow

It’s been a bit over three years since this very first post on this here blog, and we figure it’s time to celebrate.

So this Saturday, 13th August, we’re gonna claim a table at Arcadia from 10 AM and have a joyful meet-and-greet cryptic session with anyone who shows up.

At the very least two of the original DA Trippers will be in attendance (RC and me, AS) along with, holy of holies, DA himself!

Yes, DA is coming down to have a powwow with some of his biggest fans and brave watching them attempt his crossword live. DA can’t walk the streets without commotion these days: also in attendance will be some budding filmmakers who are hoping to get a documentary going about cruciverbalists and the joys of cruciverbalising.

If you think you’ll be making an appearance, please let me know in the comments so I can get the reservation numbers around about right. And if you do come, please avoid peeking at the crossword: the idea is to have us all attempting the crossword together and/or simultaneously.

Here’s DA’s take on the glorious event, and here are the details in a nutshell:

The DA Tripleversary Cryptic Powwow
At: Arcadia, 193 Gertrude Street, Collingwood (sorry about the long trek, Sydneysiders)
Time: 10AM (punctual attendance would be great)
In attendance: DA, AS, RC, filmmakers and maybe you!

DA for the 5/6th of August, 2011

Expect a regular, non-themed DA this week — he doesn’t often do a theme two weeks in a row, which is perhaps a welcome thing even though I do love a good themed cryptic.

Comment away here about your likes and dislikes, but no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: Didn’t really look at this one:

Didn’t get around to doing much of this one, although I am impressed to see both SCHRODINGER’S CAT and DEHISCENT in the one crossword.