DA Bullshit for the 26/27th of August, 2011

It’s not often I pull out DA Bullshit these days, but I thought 8 across particularly poor:

8 across: Continent’s foremost Norseman stores wheeled craft in garbage (8)
First complaint: there’s wheeled as a reversal indicator, which seems very unfair to me.

Second and main complaint: There is no way a Norseman is a Lapp. A Norseman is an appellation from the past that’s often applied colourfully to the current-day Scandinavians who are their descendants. The Norsemen had their own language, their own myths, their own culture, all of which is very distinct to the language, myths and culture of the Saami, who are commonly referred to as the Lapps, which they consider a pejorative term. Sure, some Saami are Norwegian or Swedish citizens, but others are also Finnish and Russian citizens. They’re a distinct ethnicity dispersed over an area, and calling them Norsemen is a big boo boo akin to equating Ottomans and Kurds.

13 thoughts on “DA Bullshit for the 26/27th of August, 2011

  1. > there’s wheeled as a reversal indicator, which seems very unfair to me

    I was never in the army, but this parade ground order seems reasonable enough to me.

    Misspelling Korff as Coff is a worse error (though who of DA and the original surveyor deserves more approbation is a question for debate).

  2. AS, Yes, a risky clue, and your knowledge of that area and the peoples is well-informed personally as we know from your posts and travels. There’s a similar issue with Eskimos and Inuits. Perhaps in defence of DA, (partial) political correctness is contained in ‘first’ Norseman, along the lines of the Canadian term ‘First Nations’ for indigenous peoples?

  3. Yes I was taken aback with 8A re Lapp. I didn’t Google it at the time but suspected I needed to give DA some extra latitude (or longitude) with this one.
    I remember my Best Man welcoming all the ‘Serbs’ to my wedding to a woman with only Croats on her family’s side of the room. Not a good start…

  4. I am puzzled by the wordplay for 8A which seems to me to be ‘Continent’s first = C, Norseman = LAP, wheeled craft = TRAP. Answer CLAPTRAP.

    I don’t understand why the TRAP has to be ‘wheeled’ at all. Unless people think that ‘stores’ is the container indicator, but then if you reverse TRAP you get PART and not APTR? I must be missing something!

    Btw DS was doing laps on Saturday (SMH # 19,457). 1D was ‘Shock a Scandinavian on the rise’ which I took to be APPAL. Note the different spelling of LAP/LAPP and the geographic description variation!

  5. That’s a little spelling mistake there: Lapps are Lapps, not Laps.

    Then CRAFT = ART, and wheeled is supposed to mean reverse ART to make TRA, but I thought that was an ordinary reversal indicator.

    Then again, I’ve just thought of the phrase wheeled around, but I still think it’s not entirely kosher.

  6. OH!
    Thanks AS. It was an easy trap to fall into… (sorry).

    Only a DA would think of cluing TRA as ‘wheeled craft’ I suppose!

  7. You are right, Rupert. Craft can be a plane or a boat or a spaceship but not a wheeled cart so it seems, so I know something new today.

  8. Just gonna post some qualms I have with this weeks crossie.

    1) The “homophone” in 2D is not a homophone. Clever idea, but there’s no way they sound the same.
    2) Since when was 4D hyphenated?

  9. 1) It’s not off by much, by DA’s standards (I have to make allowances for him being Australian, too, but I don’t suppose you do ;)

    2) I can’t find a single reference with the hyphens. DA seems to have made this one up.

  10. First time post – excuse me if I’m being obvious.
    The ‘wheeled craft’ is a TRAP- which is used here as a reference to a type of light buggy attached to a horse. Archaic in the age of the automobile, but valid I reckon
    As for ‘Lap’ – I’ve seen worse…

  11. David, I think you have the wrong interpretation. This has been mentioned above. You have C LAP TRAP as in the comment by Robin at 10.58 on Aug 30. But I believe the correct interpretation is as in the next comment by AS, which is C then LAPP containing ART reversed (wheeled).

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