DA for the 19/20th of August, 2011

The early word is that there’s a theme involved this week.

Happy times!

Update: ho hum…

On Sunday, RC and I met on hallowed ground at St Ali, which is where we first put a crossword to the sword together (a Saturday DS, back when DS was on Saturdays in Melbourne) and where RC first came up with the idea of this blog. We hadn’t been there for a while, and I strongly doubt we’ll ever go there again: the place has gone to the hipster dogs.

We cracked a number of the non-themed clues before RC worked out HOGWARTS and the crossword was immediately committed to the flames. Neither of us have any interest in Harry Potter, and it was especially disappointing that it wasn’t the first time he was the crossword’s theme.

18 thoughts on “DA for the 19/20th of August, 2011

  1. Yes, there’s a theme, and a lot more clues that made me groan (in a good way) than in the past few weeks. Well up to standard, though a bit easy if you’re up on the theme.

  2. This was full of Golden candidates today. Just finished with 25D which was a peach.

    1A, 10A, 13A, 28A, 5D, 14D and 25D all cut it for GOLD (for mine, ahem).

  3. Already got it from the link at DA’s place. Very good crossword. Seems to be tougher on the vocabulary than DA, but with excellent cluing and good surfaces.

    Since we’re sharing, I should point out that there are four crosswords at the link behind my name up there. Be warned that, while I’ve tried not to insult anybody, they do have an atheist theme and those of a religious disposition may find some of my characterisations offensive.

  4. Congrats RobT – very enjoyable crossword.
    Rupert, haven’t got round to yours yet. .. but with DA finished early there’s heaps of time.
    Hope you two don’t leave us now you’re in the higher realms.
    Found this week’s DA pretty goodgoing on the non-themed clues. 23A gave me the theme as I remember seeing it somewhere before, but without any pointer it would be difficult to get without some familiarity. ‘Twas fun, though.

  5. I will be around these here parts for a good while yet, Gayle. I just got here!

  6. On reflection, I think DA may have missed an opportunity to clue one to theme. Could not 10a have been “Left inside 29a – resident conspiracist.”

  7. Agree Sandy, much better than the clue he used. I’m not clear on the Shell bit of the wordplay anyway

  8. Whoopee!! First ever admittance to the poolroom, courtesy of 13a giving me the theme, and definitely inspired by the Arcadians last week.

  9. Far too much googling required for my liking. There were some good clues though, esp 1A and 25D (even though I needed Google for both).

  10. Surprised and disappointed. Haven’t we had this theme already? There were some great clues, some groaning, even a high five at one stage. But when AS and I extracted the theme with the assistance of AMM, we gave it away. Enough of Harry Potter and his abracadabraeing. If we have to have kid-lit themes, lets have Roald Dahl, Roger Hargreaves or Enid Blyton!

    Perhaps AS and I are of a unique demographic too old to be the target audience for Harry, but still without children to read him to?

    None of my moaning should take away from Rupert and nf’s pool room-worthy achievements. Congratulations!!

  11. Have to agree: no interest at all in a Harry Potter themed crossword (and I do have kids to help with the spelling of the various answers). I am also no fan of Roald Dahl: what about Philip Pullman? CS Lewis? Alan Garner?

  12. For a moment there, I thought JK Rowling was commenting.

    The comment’s content seems to indicate otherwise.

  13. I am with the other naysayers. I hatehate hate JKR and poorly written verbiage. BUT i have never ever ever yet managed to have either kid look at a cryptic, so perhaps HP created some good from its evil!!

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