The DA Tripleversary Powwow Report

It was a joyous occasion at Arcadia as about ten of us gathered to cruciverbalise and meet our cryptic guru. DA proved to be as disarming as he appears on TV and not in the slightest bit as curly as some of his clues might make him out to be.

Meeting the people who’ve taken part in forming this blog was extra special good, and the added diversion of a film crew made things that little bit stranger and more memorable.

And here we are, right in the middle of listening to one of RC’s fine array of anecdotes:

We took over four tables out the back and I doubt Arcadia will want us back: most of us were still there fours hours after first sitting down, and RC, Ian and I extended that stay to five!

Update: And Ian has kindly sent through his better-quality photo of the event, one in which we’re paying more attention to the photographer:

Further update: And you might notice that the photos above look a whole lot brighter all of a sudden. That’s thanks to the Robin’s fine image manipulation skills, so a big thank you to her.

Further further update: Wiping the egg off my face: Robin is male!

12 thoughts on “The DA Tripleversary Powwow Report

  1. Thank you, AS, for organizing the event, and thanks to DA for his time and forebearance. It was a great occasion and fun to meet fellow DA tragics ( or nerds, as my children would say)

  2. Looks a tad ‘speakeasy’. Yet I am jealous. DA, when are you coming to Sin City, prey (sic) tell?

  3. What a great morning! DA was taller than I expected, but the rest of you were the nerdy, tragic kind that nf describes and I imagined!

    Next year I think we should all get together 2 hours before DA arrives so that we have our gold and bullshit ready to be loved and loathed when he gets there. Yes, there was a lot of gold this week, but also a few points to raise that I only noticed long after DA had disappeared. Eg, I do my business in the gents’, not the gent’s.

  4. RC – Surely not, unless your loo is very individual. GENT’S is short for GENTLEMEN’S toilet. There was a conversation about this up the other end of the table at the pow-wow.

  5. Lovely pic, thanks AS, Ian and Robin. The empty chairs were us northerners with you in spirit. Don’t see any ethereal gadgets. Was googling allowed?

  6. It looks like everyone there had a great time; good to see so many cluees there on the day with DA.
    Some questions though:

    – How tall is “taller than I expected?”
    – How many were there?
    – Who is who in the photos?
    – Does Gayle really think that Nokia on the table has internet capability?
    – Does AS really think I am a woman?
    – Does DA read DA Trippers a) Always, b) Sometimes, c) Rarely, d) Only when he’s asked to a breakfast, e) never?

    It would be great to have a Sydney breakfast! Bring it on…

  7. – Tall is over six foot and barrel-chested (which should be no surprise considering he used to play rugby, but the stereotypical image of people who earn a living by the quill is short and slight).

    – 9 DA Trippers, 1 DA

    – If we take the second photo as reference and go clockwise from 12 o’ clock, we have Kate (who is IG’s daughter), ML, DA, me, RC, Dee (JD’s friend, who I don’t think has commented on here before), JD, Monica and NF. IG took that second photo, and he appears in the first at around 1 o’ clock. And at 12 o’ clock in the first photo is two of the four members of the film crew.

    – Gayle might have to answer that (and Googling wasn’t explicitly forbidden, but I don’t think anybody used Google anyway)

    – I no longer think you’re a woman, nor do I think Robin Nahas is a woman anymore

    – DA checks in about twice a week. In his words, he described us as “a force for good”, and particularly enjoys coming here on a Saturday evening to see the response.

    In fact, I should update this blog’s tagline with the “force for good” comment.

  8. Thanks, AS, all very interesting. Great to see the Trippers having fun.
    I am very surprised at how tall DA is but then we only see his face in the SMH each week and he is sitting down on TV.
    Fascinating too that DA dips into the Confusions each week – “force for good” indeed! Will the contributions be any different for the next couple of weeks?

  9. I described my son as a nerd to a student last week. They thought it was a low insult. I meant it as high praise ;)

  10. It *was* great, TH. There are some earlier reports about it on the thread advertising the event, posted before AS put up this thread.

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