DA Bullshit for the 12/13th of August, 2011

In celebration of this blog’s three years, time to bring back the bullshit call:

1 down: Wine hack (3)
No one says cab for wine. Surely that’s a stretch too far.

15 across: Naval bigwig had doffed cap to one replacing lifebuoy held by puritan? (7)
Held by puritan = moral deserved more than a single question mark.

5 thoughts on “DA Bullshit for the 12/13th of August, 2011

  1. My take on 15A was that “held by” was a containment indicator. So then it becomes simply puritan=moral (presumably adjectives). I think that’s a bit more acceptable.

    How about ride=car in 4A, and everyday=natural in 18D? A whiff of bullshit about both of those, I thought.

  2. Even though I found those clues gettable, agree with comments above.
    Have only heard of cab + sav. Agree with RB on 15A. okay by me. And that ride = car and everyday = natural are whiffy. If translating from US Eng ride as a noun, eg my ride’s here, we’d say ‘lift’. And ‘natural’ may have better been clued as ‘plain’ or something like that.

  3. Ride = car is fine by me. My ride is a 98 Mazda Capella.
    Cabernet is a grape, and I don’t think anyone makes wine with only that variety (I’ve had cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and cabernet merlot malbec recently, and there are much more complicated blends). My first guess on 1D was CRU
    Everyday = normal = natural is also OK in my book

  4. I’m not a cryptic crossworder, but surely Wine Hack (3)

    = Cabernet Merlot (or indeed any other Cab blend) hacked to just 3 letters?

    ie Cab.

    Which is a valid abbreviation for Cabernet

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