DA Confusion for the 12/13th of August, 2011

No doubt, there’ll be at least one perplexity that needs resolving in the crossie somewhere.

Ask away, and the collective internet mind will resolve the issue.

98 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 12/13th of August, 2011

  1. Still four to go in the NW corner.

    8D: I was all set to call BS, but it turns out I was misled by Arthur Conan Doyle and others.
    11D: I had to Google this one even after working out all but the first two letters. I have “bank” as an anagrind and a three letter boys name as the old boxer, but I don’t know why.
    11A: Another Googling. I had promised myself I’d learn the names of former Australian PMs and Victorian Premiers when I first started doing DA, but he’s been off them for a while. It looks like he’s back on them.
    15A: I don’t get the wordplay for the last 5 letters
    24D: I originally had a Mediterranean island as the answer, but now I think a different island (also in the Med) is the last four letters. Either way, I don’t get the “key” part.
    17A: I don’t get the broken promise part.
    25A: I have a car safety feature as the answer, but don’t quite get the wordplay (there’s an extra B in there, somehow).

  2. No pool room for me today … waving the white flag with 2 to go: 11A and 4 D.
    11 A I took a stab at Rigoletto early which threw me off. Also googled PM’s but haven’t found one that fits.
    11D my guess is: old boxer – either a well-known former Australian (sorry Rupert) boxer or a famous fictitious movie boxer, doesn’t matter. No anagram but container ‘guards’, the bank is inside. What’s left is a black.

  3. Sorry, should refresh the page before submitting.

    11A: It’s a very recent ex-PM – more recent than the ex-VPotUSA.
    11D: Thanks. I liked my anagram of “w[ith] a black” – though I now see I had left an L unaccounted for.

  4. I still don’t have 3D or 9A, and I am not confident in my answers to 1D (I’ve had two answers already) and 4D (the one I guessed doesn’t seem to be a word).

  5. 24D Rupert, could be an Aussie island which my Queensland forebears actually had a connection with many years ago. If so, I think ‘ hides key’ is a letter substitution on a music key.
    25A I don’t have any B’s but can’t explain the wordplay for this my engine part which, if I’m right is one that moves valves. (Haven’t got 11A so don’t know for sure.)

  6. 5D is indeed the part that moves the valves. It’s a very generic term for mineral and pink (as in steak) reversed plus one more letter.

  7. Rupert, Thanks for putting me out of my misery with 11A. I had googled but not come up with the G&S. But also had 3D wrong. Had ‘libatious’. Gotta go back to that.
    Robyn, do I have 24D wrong? Not an Aussie island with a letter substitution?

  8. 24D Yeah! And that’s one key I’m able to do left-handed! Thanks Robyn and Rupert.
    Got the rest now. Silly me had the handedness and therefore the def back to front in the giveaway in 1A. And 3D were a runaway on the weekend!
    Got 4D too. Another funny.. and traps for the unwary and more of DA’s mischief in 9A, 10A, 26 A.

  9. Rupert,o 15A. letter substitution, I (one) for O (lifebuoy) in synonym for ‘puritan’

  10. 15 A me neither Rupert, but looked up both and decided I’d have to pay that as an adjective.
    Meanwhile, 3D the rebus … is that because ‘ injected’ is ‘up’?

  11. Yeah Peta! Sure was. Amazed I got as far as I did. Fortunately the conundrum jumped off the page with the filled letters. . would never have got it otherwise. Very cryptic.
    Not sure about 7D. Is burial doing double duty? both anagram fodder and insertion instruction.

  12. Gayle, I think it’s anagram fodder along with the conclusion of christian, dispatched being the anagrind.

  13. I am struggling a little although got 11A “The Witch’s Curse” from my schoolday love of all things G&S. I will never look at Russell Crowe the same way after 3D.

    I need some assistance with 9A, 2D, 4D and 8D, please…

    This is a great one for the Sat morning crew.

  14. Rob T: 9A “reserve almost” gives last three letters. The first 4 letters is a homophone for a colloquial word meaning “wear out”
    2D – There is a trhee letter word for “expert” but the first letter has been demoted (not deleted. the rest is a homophone
    4D the Pecker is a bird, the twisted end means the last two letters of said bird are reversed
    8D – Hands free – the hands could be a crew. “in the main” refers to the sea. It’s a mystery!

  15. Mike, you gotta 4A! Latin. Inspirational slogan. Made up of wordplay 3,2,3,1.
    Ride 3 letters (although I don’t think ‘ride’ is all that good. Peter Paul and Mary sang a song about going for a ride in my _ _ _ _ _ _. . Exercise: 2 letters, think school. Stop: 3 letters, as in stop for forever. + first letter melancholy.

  16. Rupert, just came back to your comment about the Queensland flag. Never knew that! And now I’ve been educated by a Kiwi … and Wiki. No-one really knows for sure why that’s on the flag .. conjecture is similarity with Victoria Cross …

  17. Got about half of them before coming here. Have added a couple more with help from the above. Don’t get the wordplay in 24D and 27D I’m assuming I have 27D right, comments above confirm I have the right island in 24D, but I don’t understand the last three letters or the key bit. (presume they key is somehow the key to these).
    Was pleased to get 3D (as I’m in Melbourne) but had trouble with understanding the last 4 letters. Had injected the H into them, but didn’t get the other three. Thanks for comments above which give a much better explanation.
    Is 25A an anagram? If so I don’t get the kids claim bit and the def is a bit off.
    Despite above hints the boxer in 11D eludes me, but I don’t have many other answers on the left side yet either!

  18. They’re not getting any easier…..
    I’ve got it out, but wordplay for 21A,22D escapes me – unless I’ve mucked it up? 1D I assume is an abbrviated variety, but I can’t make sense of ‘hack’.

  19. @BRD yes 1D is abbreviated. The hack is a word for this type of transport (pre-motorised I think)
    21A $50 is L $1000 is G, swap them. I’m assuming decline is the def, although it is a bit of a stretch.
    22D is a typical DA trick. Seconds is an instruction, the last bit of the clue tells you something about the internal structure of the thing.

  20. nn, the key is one you’d find on a board…..
    25A is not an anagram, broadcast (spoken) kids and a ‘claim’ synonym are elements of the answer.
    I was thrown by the fact that Jack Dempsey fitted 11D beautifully, but the boxer is more of a Sly one…..

  21. Thanks nn, I am indeed an idiot. ‘Seconds’ was staring at me and I ignored it. …and I was swapping L with M and getting nonsense – much obliged.

  22. thanks BRD, I appear to have a wrong answer for 25A then. Will have to think more on this.
    I too was thrown with Jack Dempsey, but I have the first letter so know that isn’ right. Was on the Sly track, but the first word only has four letters. Googling the obvious brings up piles of hits for a recent boxer and he doesn’t fit the rest. Don’t think I’m going to get this one.
    24d The key hints aren’t helping! Would have thought the key was more appropriate to 22D

  23. nn, no TV show….
    The first two posts from Gayle and Rupert should help with 25A and 11D…’guards’ indicates that the boxer is a container for the rest of the phrase.
    I can see that not having 25A could be quite deflating…

  24. Have to admit total defeat and abject surrender. Looked through the clues around 0700, could see nothing. So ripped the thing to shreds, I don’t need that much tension. Then, around 1200, ttaped the bits back together. But still can’t see anything, so that was a waste of sticky tape. Try again next Saturday, I expect.

  25. thanks BRD, I have the key now, was looking at the last three letters instead, the alternative interpretation is much better!
    I’m glad 25A isn’t a tv show, but I’m none the wiser.
    11D If I’m after the name of an Australian boxer and it isn’t Jack Dempsey, then I’m lost, but reading what you and Gayle wrote again, I think I’m slightly off track here. I just need the boxer’s first name I think.

  26. Arthur, my first thought was to do the same. Stared at the thing for about 20 minutes without getting anywhere, then spotted a few of DA’s tricks and got going. You need to 4A. If you google Gilbert and Sullivan operas you should get 11A (it wasn’t one I’d heard of).
    10A should be pretty easy, pirate ship is the definition, the rest is a homophone.
    Don’t 21A.

  27. nn, you need to be looking for a jumper, not a boxer.
    I’m surprised 25A hasn’t popped out at you…it might be curtains…

  28. thanks BRD, have 25A now, will continue to ponder the jumper
    have just put a guess in for 17A which fits the first two words of the clue assuming they are the def, but no idea on the wordplay, despite others hints

  29. got 11d now, but apart from the boxer guarding, the rest of the wordplay escapes me
    Also don’t get the wordplay in 28A (first half of clue, last bit is ok)

  30. nn, 11D bank = wall, a black =AB
    28A is one of those convoluted ones. You (older form and should have been marked I reckon), nearly jump is another four-letter synonym for jump with the last letter deleted, and that word jumps over the kind of troughs the weather bureau talks about. And def is vague, as locations generally are, but China’s a pretty big place.
    I was all at sea on that one, only got it working backwards.

  31. thanks Gayle, I had the def for 28A worked out, I was looking at trough as part of the def in the same way that we have a ditch between us and Rupert. The wordplay in this is just far too convoluted for my liking. Re 11D not thrilled with bank= wall, bank implies a slope to my mind, walls tend to be vertical, but others may have other ideas. I also hate it when he uses the first letter of a word without any indication that it is some sort of abbreviation (Black = b?)

  32. Have them all except 6D, 12A, 14D and 23A. Am about to give up on these.
    Wordplay on 13A, 17A (although I can see the broken promise), 26A and 27D escapes me (assuming I have the answers correct!)

  33. Black B as in pencil?
    13A is &lit. take the leas out of falsely. and anagram
    17 A resents= minds, toss the intial letter
    6D retired is a reversal indicator, you’ll find the synonym for register
    12A is a kind of abbreviated, or dialect form for small. 3 letters Think _ ‘ _ _ Abner.
    plus the middle of bracts
    14D bastions = forts containing anagram of cases, tips is def
    23A bloke= cove, ie the 4 outside letters, then a MEAL + I on the inside

  34. 26A 3 letter word for ‘gents’ + 4 letter synonym for split as a noun, like in the road or in a tree, with the last letter brought to the front(end first)
    27D inverted (uprooting) grass with the last letter deleted (endless). What Arthur did with this week’s crossie … upwards, and how I felt in the middle of it, downwards.

  35. thanks Gayle
    27D was looking for a variety of grass missing both ends! kicking myself there.
    12A rejected that answer many times, even went looking for rivers!
    26A groan!
    17A was thinking the promise was broken in the sense of an anagram, so had one less letter for the other bit.
    From your hint for 14D, I’ve realised I messed up 13A slightly and had the wrong letter at the end when I wrote it in. Made it a bit difficult!

    6D the only synonym for register that I can think of which has all the cross letters is a 6 letter word and I can’t see any reversal of anything in it.

    23A bloke = cove??? none the wiser on this one!

  36. just checked dictionary and found out that 6D has a 5 letter variation of the way I usually spell it! Wish I’d known that 3 hours ago! Still no idea on the reversed bachelor though
    have them all out now, thanks Gayle, got messed up with 23A as had guessed the second word was arise (fitted wake up nicely), but couldn’t get anything sensible to fit the first word.

  37. There you go, my new word for the week (or at least a new definition of one) Cove is slang for a person!!
    Have finally seen the word in bachelor needs, groan.
    All (relatively) clear now. Some good misdirections this week

  38. He, nn You didn’t 21A!
    Yeah, thought 12A was pretty tricky. affectedly small ! I bet DA put the flower in there too guessing we’d go for a river.
    6A reversal, hidden . Reading from R to L, bachelor needs, do you see a ‘group’ of letters meaning ‘register’?
    23A ‘cove’ is English slang, like ‘bloke’.

  39. Slow typing again, but good one, nn, done before sundown! Wonder how the Arcadians went?

  40. Interesting. 23A I read it as bloke= man’s name e.g. former West Indies cricketer Lloyd, with one = ‘a’ and dinner…

  41. RobT, maybe they banned Iphones and laptops. Would have been a bit hardpressed to get this week’s out without google and Trippers. Although the Melburnians seem to be excellent solvers. Must be the weather down there, grass doesn’t need mowing as often … and good cafes.

  42. grass needs mowing here since the drought broke. But been a bit wet and cold to be bothered!

  43. Completely hated da until I found this fab place thanks for all the help if I ever unlock the secrets will post thanks again d b

  44. I’m glad you clarified that RobT. As well as them presumably not permitting themselves internet access, I had visions of them all being locked up in cages and not being allowed out until they’d solved it!

  45. Yes a Melbournian, and yes, just solved it – can’t start until Sat afternoon, and don’t come here until I give up. A couple of guesses, which turned out correct on checking definitions. Took a while to get into, and struggled most with the top left corner, but now complete!

  46. Good stuff Db and Kathy. That NW corner seemed to get a lot of us. And likewise Db, I used to think DA was really mean, now I know he’s mean… but fun… sometimes .. ..

  47. South west gave me more trouble than north west.
    Was lucky as a melbournite that I only know of one rugby team and that was it, so got a start.
    Got 1A early and 2D so had a pretty good chance of the others. Hint above gave me 11A with help from google and rest fell out.
    East side wasn’t too bad although a couple gave me trouble and I probably wouldn’t have got them without Gayle’s help. But most of the southwest gave me no end of trouble!

  48. Bernie: Assuming you have the answer … the MC was certainly a puzzle or “conundrum”; when found there were no hands on deck (or anywhere else for that matter): hence “hands-free”.

  49. 24D had to be explained to me, but it was right there in front of me. … next to my space bar.

  50. 3D as explained by Robyn and Rupert in earlier comments,
    spiritual mentor = rabbi + injected a drug like heroin = shot, reversed, ie shot up.
    Rupert described this as a rebus, a word picture.
    nn gave us a link to a rebus in the last posting for last week’s Confusions. Schrodiger’s cat both alive and dead.
    def is a Sydney Rugby League Club

  51. 25A def is equipment found in a vehicle.
    Broadcast= AIR, as kids claim = BAGS as in ‘I bags ….. ‘ or just ‘Bags .. . ‘ Don’t know what kids say these days, but it was around in my childhood.

  52. Can finally come over to this thread, because I’ve solved it. Even after yesterday’s session at Arcadia, it’s taken me several bursts to break through. Now to go back and read the discussion.

  53. Strange how we all work differently. I had the entire RHS completed first. NW corner took longest, with 4d the last of all.

  54. I was held up for quite a while with Journal at 18D. It’s not often a wrong answer can fit so comfortably. I love the idea of a cruel cluer!

  55. Yes, 1a is very fitting ;)

    I had a fling with JOURNAL, too. A bit of a SLUB.

  56. Hate to be picky, but I looked up cluer on dictionary.com, and there are no results. Reminds me of playing Scrabble with my sister, it’s the kind of trick we’d try to pull off and hope to not be challenged.

  57. Did anyone else get caught with ‘cruel’ as the solution for 1A? Thought it was my mistake but just happened to find this on a link while following something entirely unrelated
    on Crossword Unclued:

    ” It is rare, but possible, for the definition to sit in the middle of the clue.

    Definition in the middle:
    Guardian 24870 (Auster): Kelly becomes well-informed by following one who wrote nonsense (7) LEARNED

    Here, NED (Ned Kelly, Australian bushranger) follows LEAR (Edward Lear, the writer of nonsense verse) to become LEARNED. The definition “well-informed” is sandwiched between the wordplay.

    Is this fair?

    A clue with the definition in the middle can be tricky to solve (more so since we aren’t used to it), but it is considered fair as long as the wording tells the solver unambiguously how to decipher it.

    Auster’s clue for LEARNED points precisely to “well-informed” as the definition, with link words (“becomes”, “by following”) clearly indicating the wordplay. So it is all right.

    The most likely clue types to have the definition in the middle are semi-&lits, composite anagrams and those with wordplay inversion. “

  58. Gayle,
    Re 25A and the BAGS = kids claim. My kids have for years said ‘shotgun’ and not ‘bags’ or ‘baggsie’. (e.g. ‘Bags I have the last chicken leg’, ‘Baggsie I’m not in goal’ and many others).

    Google tells me this is from the stagecoach days when the guy with the shotgun had the best seat up at the front of the wagon. The Urban Dictionary says the “First person to call “shotgun!” gets the front passenger seat.” Makes me think I should look up where ‘bags’ came from…

  59. It was also noted at the pow-wow that “shotgun” seems more current than “bags” these days, although “bags” is certainly still understood. And used especially in the negative (my 21 y-old source confirms), as in “Who’s going to put out the bins this week?” “Shotgun: not me!”, or even just “Shotgun, not!”

  60. “bags” this and that common usage for me decades ago as a kid
    Never heard of shotgun in the same context only “riding shotgun” as in coming along along in support of someone carrying something valuable Particularly money
    Which obviously harks back to the seat up alongside the coach driver in defense against a”bail-up” The later also harking back even further to the practice of securing a cow whilst milking it

  61. I read kids claim differently. Claim = air and kids = bags. Kids in the sense of jokes, claim= air an opinion. I thought it was a bit of a stretch at the time.

  62. I’ve completed the western side but am struggling with the eastern. I have the theme (cleverly put together by DA) so hopefully will have it out before the magical moon rises.

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