DA for the 5/6th of August, 2011

Expect a regular, non-themed DA this week — he doesn’t often do a theme two weeks in a row, which is perhaps a welcome thing even though I do love a good themed cryptic.

Comment away here about your likes and dislikes, but no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: Didn’t really look at this one:

Didn’t get around to doing much of this one, although I am impressed to see both SCHRODINGER’S CAT and DEHISCENT in the one crossword.

11 thoughts on “DA for the 5/6th of August, 2011

  1. Back in town! After my abysmal effort last week. I liked this one, gave me the excuse to expalin quantum probability to my daughter!

  2. JG, I disagree about 11A . (12,3) seems to follow DA’s usual convention to me.

  3. Agree, took a while to get into it, going to be interesting in Melbourne tomorrow. But have managed to get over 3/4 with mainly NW corner to go.

  4. Had 11 A wrong! Made it hard going in NW. 3 more to go (including 11A). Might be heading for the poolroom … if I don’t go nuts first. No hints yet please, egging on’s good.

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