DA on the 1st/2nd of July, 2011

DA will work his magic again.

Comment about it right here (although no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday).

Update: Meh:

I worked out Bill Hunter was the theme and put my pen away. Up there with the the Beaches and Harry Potter themes as the most uninspiring.

27 thoughts on “DA on the 1st/2nd of July, 2011

  1. Well, that was dismal. My first day with unlimited time to spend on DA, and I get a theme I don’t know anything about. I finally put in some guesses, then went googling. I got three wrong for certain, and one I still don’t know what the answer is.

  2. Well, Rupert’s got the time but he’s not familiar with the theme. On the other thread, RobT said he’s got the answers but no time, and Robin said he hasn’t even been able to get the paper. I haven’t got the theme and RobT (thankfully) confirms it’s not Jerry Lewis and I’m on the wrong track!

  3. 12A/23A: Not entirely the wrong track. It’s nothing to do with Jerry (or any other) Lewis, but it’s the sort of thing he might have done.

  4. I have it all out now. A very satisfying puzzle today. I particularly liked 28A, 10A and the overall theme. Not straightforward.

  5. Congratulations RobT for getting this week’s out before morning tea. One for the pool room?

  6. I’m annoyed at myself for not sticking with this one before checking out the answers today (but I do have others to catch up on after my holiday!). But I would like to propose 17,6 Down as DA Gold – it’s sort of naughty and very devious – ‘a box production’ is misleading with the whole theme.

  7. Just found this website trying to work out today’s DA! Great to find it and meet you all. I struggle with DA every weekend and today am having a particularly tough time. I’ve managed to work out a grand total of ONE clue.

    Any more tips to be had regarding the theme? I’m pulling my hair out here.


  8. Hi GE. Tips are on the thread “DA Confusion” . There’s a link at the top of this page. You could look back over the comments or ask a question and someone will help out . Good luck.

  9. Now that I finally get it, I’ll second Jonathan Nolan’s nomination of 17,6 D for DA Gold.

  10. We don’t usually come on this site until we have all the answers – or are completely stuck. (We have got it out!). We have told friends ( who don’t know how to do cryptics) that they are really good, because when you get the answer you know it is right. This weeks DA has proven that theory to be wrong. We have been doing DA’s for a long, long time, and really enjoy them. For a man who prides himself in his ability to play with words and meanings David Astle should be ashamed of himself with this weeks effort. It was sheer, unadulterated, absolute crap. AND to the lady from the paper who came on this site some months ago, Could us Melbournites PLEASE have DA back in Fridays paper. That way we at least get to have some input into the “Trippers”. At the moment Sydneyites have finished it before we even see a paper!!.

  11. Have to disagree with Doug & Gwyn on both counts. Part of the attraction of DA is the style variations, and though I’m not greatly knowledgeable in the field I still enjoyed today’s fitting theme (with added cross-refs), and thought the clues were up to standard. A couple of clue queries and one word short – about to head across to Confusions to have a look.

    My solution to the Fri-Sat issue is for Sydneysiders to agitate for Saturday. I much prefer Saturday (more often Sunday) – never used to have enough time on Friday. Working Sydneysiders must be one of (i) brilliantly quick, (ii) skiving off at work or (iii) unfulfilled through constantly unfinished DAs.

  12. (iv) Sydneysiders (and we Aucklanders) have insanely long commutes, good for at least half a DA ;)

  13. Well….Sydney had DA for all of a couple of weeks until the lame-ass amateurs complained it was too hard to go with their weekend latte and they sent it back toFriday. I prefer on a Friday as it does fill up the train trip in and sometmes my lunchtime.
    If I was a Melbournite I’d try to send it to Friday…then those that want to do it on a saturday are not impacted – they just don’t look at it for 24hrs.
    I quite liked this week’s.

  14. 17D/6D: Count me as being against putting this in DA Gold.

    27A could be a DA Error, though. He’s off by one.

  15. I’m with Doug & Gwynne on this. I used to find DA enjoyable and usuallycompleted it successfully, but in recent times his bad points have bloomed uncontrollably. Tenuous synonyms and definitions, errors, inconsistencies, obscurities, over-convoluted wordplay etc. And far too much googling was required this week. The theme befitted this week’s crossword – eminently forgettable.

  16. @Rupert: I’m assuming you meant the error was in 20ac, rather than 27ac, and that you are referring to the fact that there are only 7 countries with this ending. The OED says that using the word ‘some’ before a number, means ‘about, nearly, approximately’. Stretching the friendship a bit, perhaps. Error, no.

  17. This Northerner votes for keeping DA on a Friday in Sydney and would support the same for the Southerners. It punctuates the working week and gives a sense of a 3 day weekend. My workplace doesn’t allow external internet or mobile phones or reading newspapers! So this week I would have been totally lost if I weren’t at home. (Even then I gave it away. As RB said, too much googling. )

    Agree with Doug & Gwyn that it would be good if everyone could start at the same time. Not all of us have it finished on Friday! The more people in the Tripper pool the better. The Northerners and Kiwi try to not to spoil it for the Melbournites and the Friday hints tend to be cryptic. But that would be the case anyway on DAy One, whenever it was, and the gradual revelation of the puzzle is one of the things I like about this site.

    I remember that couple of weeks RobT mentioned when Sydney got DA on Saturday .. mysterious, and funny, imagining the backlash that led to the reversal. The DSers must be a very powerful group, or the enticement of a free dictionary more appealing than the often fun, but sometimes flawed DA. Hopefully he’ll come back from his holiday refreshed.

  18. @Gayle: I think it would be too much to ask for Sydney DA Trippers to hold off from commencing until Saturday. That wouldn’t happen.
    I so enjoy getting my teeth into this on a Friday morning….it is a rite of passage into the weekend.
    Unlike Gayle, whether or no I have it all done by close of business Friday, it is a fish & chip wrapper each Saturday morning.

  19. Good sense RobT. I do look forward to hearing the ‘thump’ in the driveway early on Friday morning. It’s a bit of a joke in our household. DA clears the head from the working week to be able to enjoy life 2/7.
    Come to think of it, we could all get an online subscription on Friday, as Rupert does, trip away and blitz DA, before the solution comes out on Saturday… and save on recycling fees.

  20. I wish I had thought of the online subscription. I have just entered a six-month subscription for Mon-Fri and may put that to the sword in December.
    As for a thump in our driveway, it’s most likely to be the result of me backing into a walker.

  21. Hmmmm. I am on 8/9 July and have all but one. 26A appears to be something/somewhere I have not heard of. These clues a bit average this week. Like 1A, 10A, 2D and 8D the most – but best in a poor bunch.

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