DA for the 29/30th of July 2011

I especially enjoyed last week’s crossword, and without the Richmond Tigers distracting me (they have a bye), this week should be full steam ahead DA.

Your general thoughts on the crossword on this thread.

Update: Far too hard for me:

Struggled greatly with this one. Only got a few in the top-left corner and some other strays before succumbing to cheating — I just had to see what the theme was.

Another very clever theme. Regrettably, I didn’t even get close to finding it (although I did think there were some devilishly difficult clues in there).

I hear that there were connections or at least parallels between the cryptic and the quick. Anyone able to give the full story?

DA for the 22nd/23rd July, 2011

Last week was a tragedy: the Richmond Tigers lost to the bottom side and I hardly looked at the DA.

This week looks worse for Richmond (they’re playing the second side on the ladder), but hopefully things will turn out better for me and DA.

Update: A glorious DA and a glorious success:

RC and I got together Saturday afternoon and our first batch of attempts at finishing DA wasn’t all that successful. Later in the day, however, our respective ladies ridiculed our anaemic solving, and this questioning of our cryptic manhood fired us into action.

We made short shrift of the remaining crossword, and our ladies also got into the act, bringing us FORTY SIX and SALAD (not surprising, really: one’s a biology specialist, they both have SA (South American) heritage, and they’re both quite clever). I was especially pleased to find LEGERDEMAIN, a word I’ve used a few times on this blog to describe DA’s especial talents. DE GROOT was a nice reference to a great moment of Australian history, although we wondered if anyone did actually know the name of the swordsman on the bridge.

DA for the 8/9th of July, 2011

Another week, which should be more enjoyable than last week’s.

Comment away here, but no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: A really good crossword:

RC and I got together for this on Saturday morning. We ended up at what is fast becoming my favourite cafe, Green on Sydney Road, and struggled our way through. Unfortunately, we never got the NE corner, yet we thoroughly enjoyed the likes of MANKINI, NETHER REGIONS, IVAN LENDL and DIEGO MARADONA.

A very good crossword.