DA for the 6/7th of May, 2011

Another week of cruciverbalising goodness.

Here’s where you can discuss the highs and the lows, perhaps even the middles, although they do only rarely get a mention.

(No spoilers before Monday)

Update: A rip snorter:

I claim this as a candidate for the DA Para-Pantheon — not quite top notch, but definitely worthy of recognition.

CHARLIE SHEEN and TRIPOLI are absolute classics.


Back to the Old Skool

Yes, we’re back to the old layout style. It wasn’t my intention to revert — this is actually a bug that I can’t figure out how to resolve.

I thought the software upgrade I implemented over the weekend would have resolved this issue, but it hasn’t.

I can’t be bothered doing another hack job to make the new layout style permanent, so for now, this old-style layout will be it (unless the bug resolves itself without my doing anything).

Sorry for the troubles.

DA Gold for the 29/30th April, 2011

DA Gold is back because there were a couple of clues that I thought exemplars of their kind.

17 down: Result in RAAF term at Holbrook (9)
I think this might have to go down as the greatest hidden word clue I’ve done. For those that aren’t aware, there’s a submarine museum at Holbrook, and the combination of RAAF and submarine had my mind wandering back and forth along military byways for a long while before the sudden flash of insight: in RAAF term at Holbrook = aftermath = result.

Has there ever been a more superbly hidden word than that? And across four separate words?

17 across: He had to 15-down (RAISE CAIN) with a Mum! (4)
The &lit is exceptionally neat and clever on its own, but in combination with the cross reference, which made an otherwise simple clue a little more difficult, it’s truly a work of genius (although the capital M in Mum is peculiar).

The reasoning: he had to raise cain = Adam = a dam = a mum = he had to raise Cain with a Mum.