An AS Special

I’m off to Norway, Finland and Estonia for a few weeks on Friday, and I leave you fine people with one of my own cryptic concoctions to have a crack at or just ignore.

Solutions and explanations will be posted some time before I leave the antarctic climes for the arctic.

1. Rapper Chuck mixed up with crazy Satanic elixirs (8)
5. Modern prolixity cut by just over half is definitely an example (6)
10. One less painter god (5)
11. More than one mobile exhibit has do preparations between fights (9)
12. Overly masculine bastard heard standing over a limitless number (7)
13. Third part-providential, peremptory refusal out of order during mating season (7)
15. Star moment: inebriated Roos captain skewered amusing Bob (9)
16. Inappropriate any which way you look at it (3, 2)
17. Right championship (5)
19. Without top-grade rams, llamas munched on magnums and suchlike (5, 4)
21. Grave words: computer industry aphorisms drop by two thirds — record first (7)
22. Separatist revolutionaries, no? (7)
24. See within intellectual belief in God leading to stern rule (9)
26. Old war account gets to the core of kill Jim made (5)
27. Want to reverse fatherhood? (6)
28. Contradict approximately first two articles in Bern (8)

1. Rebel territory north (3, 2)
2. Well-aged king fit IT mess around boring, routine flavour (5, 6)
3. Starters bag copies (7)
4. Riot scared rich, disturbing the source of cinematic power (9, 5)
6. Springfield short to criticise cleaner (7)
7. Pride: from weed to wed? (3)
8. Outback sites at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 2000-2008? (9)
9. Fixer who pays child support? (11, 3)
14. Links bury franchises (11)
15. Impetuous hotelier, for example (9)
18. Drug war essentially sours charm (7)
20. Originally from NSW, quick group at the shady end (3, 4)
23. Jack’s not even in the US somewhere (5)
25. Middling passion fruit paste: dodgy (3)

41 thoughts on “An AS Special

  1. Thanks AS for the puzzle. Off work and it’s a long time to Friday. And thanks again for the work you’ve done on the new clear layout. Hope you have a wonderful time in the North. Have always wanted to go to that part of the world myself – very interested in the languages, people, and icy landscape.
    Have done about a third of your puzzle. Like 2D and 16A and 21 A. Will keep plugging on.

  2. @gayle. I am enkoying this but have a few to go in lower right hand corner. Got a clue for 9D? It may all fall out after that. I have the second word but not the first…

  3. Finally got it out. Tough in a DA sort of way. Some gems in there especially 22A and 23D. Well done AS. I would rate it AStounding…

  4. It’s good to hear you both enjoyed the crossie, and especially good that neither of you discovered any errors (although I’m betting there’s at least something in there you consider at least a bit bullshit).

    And hopefully the layout stays clear and doesn’t do tricks while I’m shivering among the Arctic winds.

  5. RobT – went to bed early yesterday still with 9D and the lower right hand corner to get, only , including 22A and 23 D, but I don’t feel so bad as you said they’re ‘gems’. As I haven’t got 13A I’m still a way off for the first word of 9D. Could I have a hint for 22A and 13A?

  6. Robt T and AS,
    1 A I don’t get the indicator for the D in the solution or the Rapper Chuck in the clue – if they’re one and the same. I’m okay with the wordplay for the other answers I’ve got.

    Also only have the first half of 14 D and 8D . If I could have a hint for their second halves I might be able to get into the rest of the RHS. (Am under orders – more rest and physio today – but a girl’s gotta have some fun. ) Like the crossie.

  7. @gayle: 22A contains the same word twice.
    13A: the first two words of the clue (incl the hyphenation) is for four of the seven letters.

    That’s a really good one too, although “mating season” might be taking it a bit far.

  8. Thanks RobT – for your hints so early in the morning. Will ponder some more.
    I spent some time trying to put ‘rut’ for mating season in 13A. And working on various combinations of thirds of words or every third letter.

  9. Got 23 D – I think! Only my thesaurus had an E as second letter. But O fits the wordplay. Didn’t know that meaning. (hope that’s right – need it to get the rest of that corner)

  10. Thankyou RobT! for keeping me going here. Got off Bern place names and Copyright Law and went to thesaurus for contradict and I hadn’t heard of that word either.
    Good one AS. Know enough French and German to get the wordplay.

  11. 28A is one of my favourite words! Although it’s not one of the most common.

    And I must admit I didn’t know the meaning that 23D refers to until I looked it up in a dictionary either.

    And RobT, the definition for 13A is during mating season. The during is important because that makes it a standard definition rather than something more cryptic.

    And a big congratulations on your successes!

  12. 13A: Im not quite convinced. Although the answer seems ot have a zoological dimension, the answer when compared with “mating season” seems and awkward one. But no probs.

    Bon voyage!!!

  13. I’m enjoying this puzzle (mainly because I haven’t been able to get many yet). Cheers!

  14. All done! Thanks comrade for 22 A. I think the hydro pool fixed my head too.
    Yes, liked 9D – brain was trying to get into that kind of groove.

    And thanks AS for a fun day. I’ve been everywhere – even got out my Skeats Etymological Dictionary for 28A. (which wasn’t in there, but I’ve got some guesses.) Would you believe this little black duck actually asked for Skeats as a 21st birthday present many moons ago? What was I thinking?!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. All the best for your journey.
    Or, as they say in the other half of Bern, Gute Reise!

  15. Very impressive birthday request!

    I had never even heard of the Skeats Etymological Dictionary until right now.

    And I hope your research got you looking into Public Enemy, the classic hip hop group that’s still going — but not particularly strong. It would have made the D in 1 across much more explicable — and quite possibly the rest of your week much more funky than it otherwise would have been.

  16. Never-ever heard of Skeats, but then I just lurve my Brewer’s Book of Phrase & Fable that no-one else I know has.
    This little brown duck will do some shooting at Skeats soon.

  17. Ah, serves me right for not looking it up, even though I considered that. Can blame DA as he’s used rap variations as indicators lately and I got DAnged.

    Only 13 A wordplay still to get, despite RobT’s hint.
    Got on the wrong track for a while there as I had the first letter for second word for 6D, which is third letter for 13A, as starting either with a B or a C, but the answer fits the definition better than either of those two. (That’s after I went down the wrong path googling Simpsons sites for little people characters or a video clip – ie Springfield short.)
    Only thing with the answer is that I’ve always thought of it as one word, not two.
    And guess what? Have looked it up – have only found it as one word. Is that bull – shit?!

  18. Oops, it’s Skeat. We just called the work Skeat’s. As you did. I see the unabridged hardcover version which I’ve got is $315 now on I think it was $50 when I was 21 and about twice my weekly pay – so it was very special.

  19. 13A: are you tied up in knots because I don’t quite understand whether you still need a hint.

  20. Ha, ha. Thanks for coming back, RobT. Yeah, I do, can’t put it – or me – to bed until I get the wordplay for 13A.

  21. First 3 letters = a derogatory term for “no”
    Last 4 letters = comes from the 12 letter-word provided.

  22. Ooooohhhhhhhh. Thankyou. And the out of order. That’s good.
    By the way, I have seen Brewer’s Book of Phrase and Fable. But don’t have it. Lovely book.

  23. I am not convinced by the ‘during mating season’ reference. Pardon the pun, but I was waylaid!!!

  24. RobT, Yeah, I’m with you on that. I had wondered for a while if AS was being more oblique, and was thinking about football for a while – mating season.
    And I’m still waiting on AS to get back on my comment about 6D . Bull shit is not two words.
    Have enjoyed the day.

  25. Google says there’s quite a few dust pans out there, but no dictionaries do.

    Clearly a mistake, something I should have explicitly checked in a dictionary, and will be fixed forthwith.


    During mating season seems right to me, though. Have a look here:

  26. That hare is one funny punny bunny.

    But horror of horrors: I’ve made a terrible mistake that I’m glad no one has noticed so far.

    We object in 18 down can never mean ourour is the possessive form of we, not the object!

    Have changed the clue to read: Drug war essentially sours charm.

    Apologies yet again.

  27. Further horror of horrors: I made another error in 11 across.

    The definition is without the plural that it needs.

    Now fixed.

    Super sorry.

  28. AS 11 That makes sense. Missed that before – was distracted by the surface reading – thought it was about doggie doo and missed the plural/sing.
    And 18 D. Didn’t quite get the former wordplay, but the new one’s clear.
    No-one will know what we’re talking about!
    Hope this is not distracting you from packing suitcases – or ports – if you’re a Queenslander originally.

  29. Suitcases are called ports in QLD? Odd.

    There’s still plenty of time for packing ports/suitcases.

    And may your crippled wing find flight soon.

  30. AS, on pronunciations. I was wondering if there should be some kind of ‘seen’ or ‘looks like’ indicator for 3D. The pronunciation I’m familiar with is kan a pays.

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