DA for the 6/7th of May, 2011

Another week of cruciverbalising goodness.

Here’s where you can discuss the highs and the lows, perhaps even the middles, although they do only rarely get a mention.

(No spoilers before Monday)

Update: A rip snorter:

I claim this as a candidate for the DA Para-Pantheon — not quite top notch, but definitely worthy of recognition.

CHARLIE SHEEN and TRIPOLI are absolute classics.


4 thoughts on “DA for the 6/7th of May, 2011

  1. Isn’t it “cruciverballing goodness”?

    After all, one is ‘verballed’ not ‘verbalised’.

  2. Some great wordplay.
    27A, 25D – was brilliant. Don’t know how DA comes up with these. One for DA Gold?

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