DA for the 27/28th of May, 2011

Hopefully this week’s crossword won’t have anything to do with Henrik Ibsen plays (Ibsen’s plays are constructed to prove moral points and offer little in the way of actual drama, tension or tragedy. Discuss.)

Hopefully too no Norwegian reads this.

But now to DA. Feel free to discuss this week’s crossword rather than Ibsen’s plays, although no spoilers on this particular thread until Monday.

Update: No mention of Ibsen plays, which I would argue is a positive:

Lordy, had anyone heard of DECREE NISI before doing the crossword? I’ve had a look on an anagram solver a crossword solver and DECREE NISI is the only word that would fit with the cross clues, so I assume DA hadn’t heard of the word before either.

DA for the 20th/21st of May, 2011

I’m off to Norway on Friday, so I’m getting in early with this.

Hopefully there’ll be some kind of Scandinavian theme.

(No spoilers on this particular thread until Monday)

Update: And here we have the joy by way of RobT and by way of Jonathan:

I notice a question about Scandinavia although I haven’t had a chance to attempt this one. From your accounts, it’s well worth doing.

An AS Special

I’m off to Norway, Finland and Estonia for a few weeks on Friday, and I leave you fine people with one of my own cryptic concoctions to have a crack at or just ignore.

Solutions and explanations will be posted some time before I leave the antarctic climes for the arctic.

1. Rapper Chuck mixed up with crazy Satanic elixirs (8)
5. Modern prolixity cut by just over half is definitely an example (6)
10. One less painter god (5)
11. More than one mobile exhibit has do preparations between fights (9)
12. Overly masculine bastard heard standing over a limitless number (7)
13. Third part-providential, peremptory refusal out of order during mating season (7)
15. Star moment: inebriated Roos captain skewered amusing Bob (9)
16. Inappropriate any which way you look at it (3, 2)
17. Right championship (5)
19. Without top-grade rams, llamas munched on magnums and suchlike (5, 4)
21. Grave words: computer industry aphorisms drop by two thirds — record first (7)
22. Separatist revolutionaries, no? (7)
24. See within intellectual belief in God leading to stern rule (9)
26. Old war account gets to the core of kill Jim made (5)
27. Want to reverse fatherhood? (6)
28. Contradict approximately first two articles in Bern (8)

1. Rebel territory north (3, 2)
2. Well-aged king fit IT mess around boring, routine flavour (5, 6)
3. Starters bag copies (7)
4. Riot scared rich, disturbing the source of cinematic power (9, 5)
6. Springfield short to criticise cleaner (7)
7. Pride: from weed to wed? (3)
8. Outback sites at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 2000-2008? (9)
9. Fixer who pays child support? (11, 3)
14. Links bury franchises (11)
15. Impetuous hotelier, for example (9)
18. Drug war essentially sours charm (7)
20. Originally from NSW, quick group at the shady end (3, 4)
23. Jack’s not even in the US somewhere (5)
25. Middling passion fruit paste: dodgy (3)

DA for the 13/14th of May, 2011

The Tigers are looking good this weekend — put them down for a 47 point win — and I’m expecting a spectacular DA.

Talk about it here (although without spoilers until Monday).

Update: A very enjoyable one — for me at least:

It’s been a while since I’ve completed a DA solo and without any external assistance, and I was very pleased to see a completed grid before me. Sadly, regrettably, inexplicably, I had REPRISE instead of REPRESS, thinking twice was somehow the meaning.

I really enjoyed this theme, and it certainly suited me much more than the material-themed crossword from December last year.

New Visual Theme (Again)

The old theme crashed and burned for some unknown reason and the blog stopped working.

Now there’s a new visual theme and hopefully the cracks in the software that’s running underneath will remain hidden.

Let me know if there are any problems.

DA Gold from 6/7th May, 2011

10 across: Epee quietly discarded, we hear in 26 across (GADDAFI) stronghold? (7)

Epee quietly discarded = E ee = triple E = we hear “Tripoli” = Gaddafi stronghold.

The groaning and giggling almost upset our bowls of pho.

27 across and 25 down: He’s a lecher in strife! (7,5)

A perfect &lit clue!  anagram of He’s a lecher in = Charlie Sheen = a lecher in strife.  I dont really know if Charlie Sheen really is a lecher, but he does seem to get into a bit of trouble.  Great to see a great &lit clue.