DA on the 8/9th of April, 2011

Right here, write up your general impressions, your highlights and lowlights, your joys and your pains.

No spoilers, though, until Monday.

Update: A brilliant one:

RC, A? and I got together at Green on Sydney Road to tackle this one, and regrettably, shamefully, ever so begallingly, we had to cheat to get the key TURN THE TABLES. An easy clue in retrospect, one that should not have given us any hint of trouble, yet hamstring us it did before we came to appreciate the brilliance of this crossword.

A Para-Pantheon for mine — another brilliant theme exceptionally well executed even if we were left slapping our heads in horror.

DA on the 1st/2nd of April, 2011

Gayle has already asked whether or not this week’s is an April Fool’s Day joke. I’m not sure what that means — us Melbournites have to wait until tomorrow, when it’s not April Fool’s Day, so it might just be that I’ll never really know what Gayle means — but here’s where you can talk about it.

Enjoy the cryptic (and perhaps foolish) talk.

Update: TT tells it as it is: DA appears in today’s paper in Melbourne! Not sure if that is a permanent feature — does anyone know? — but I’m certainly happy to see him back on a Friday (I like perusing crosswords while I’m working).

Further update: Have I just been April fooled? Just bought the paper and discovered DS inside. Needless to say, a disappointment.

Further further update: And here it is:

I hardly did any of it (the crossword comes scanned in by the ever so kind Jonathan), so I can’t say much about it.