DA on the 29/30th of April, 2011

I expect one of the answers to this week’s DA to be PLUNDER.

It’s a wild speculation based on nothing; if the speculation proves correct, don’t mention it (or anything else that might spoil the fun of completing a DA solo) on this thread until Monday.

Update: It’s not quite Pantheon material, but goddamn I enjoyed this one:

A very enjoyable crossword. A delight.

9 thoughts on “DA on the 29/30th of April, 2011

  1. Pleased to complete it before getting to work! I can be 100% productive today.

  2. Why was PLUNDER expected to be one of the answers this week?

    Either it wasn’t there or I’ve made some serious errors!

  3. Liked this one, and managed it without help from ‘confusion’. Made a mess of NE corner though, but can’t blame DA! Had an answer for 5A which seemed to make sense.
    And yes. why was PLUNDER expected?

  4. Enjoyed DA as usual. Had to check confusions for last two out (10a, 2d), and a bit of “third umpire” work for the themed ones, but got there in the end. Loved “perfect rage” and the linked clue “had to…with mum” (sorry, dont have xword in front of me). I’ve been trying to crack the saturday age DA for months now, finally getting used to his style. Look forward to next week!

  5. Got this week’s out without help in record time before the sun came up over the yardarm on Friday. Maybe I had an advantage with a name like mine and a memorable experience of a Force 11 on the Australis in January 1975 – kids flying across the dining room, broken bones as stairs came up to hit the chin or drop away below foot, and tying oneself to the bunk.
    Not disappointed about the easier clues – as often happens, wordplay provided ongoing delight. Liked the surface reading of 11A, 20A, 27A, 28A, 4 D, 8D.

  6. @Gayle: always good to finish him before the sun is over the yardarm. It is so easy to knock the cheeky red over in the multi-tasked environment otherwise.

  7. Although if PLUNDER had been in there, it might have been clued:

    Proceeds of crime is Place Below (7)


    Rob returns fifty pence less (7)

    or (with a nod to the Royal Wedding):

    Tops of Pippa’s legs below booty (7)

    There. That was totally worth not being able to sleep between 2am and 3am ;)

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