DA for the Easter break (22/23rd of April, 2011)

I expect famous bunnies to be the theme this week: Bugs, Jessica Rabbit, the Watership Down rabbits, the frightening Donnie Darko rabbit, perhaps even the Rabbitohs (wow, look what I’ve just discovered: a rabbitoh is an itinerant seller of rabbit meat (although I take the etymology on Wordnik with a grain of salt)).

Anyway, comment away here (no spoilers on this thread until Monday).

Update: A nice one:

Before we’d met, RC had SET THE PLACE ON FIRE and I had SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE. Thankfully GULF WAR got us to the right answer.

6 thoughts on “DA for the Easter break (22/23rd of April, 2011)

  1. The Bunnies will be over by Monday. Only Dragons in this household.

    Enjoyed this week. Bugs bared on other thread.

  2. I’d heard the Rabbitoh definition years ago, long before I’d heard of the rugby team. It was what they used to call out when they went around selling them. I’m guessing it was common in the depression when there were rabbit plagues (and I think a bounty on them?). A reasonably cheap and easy source of meat at the time.

  3. Love, love, love 5D – just five letters but full of fun. Not so mad about 18A and 18D – never heard of either, but DA loves to educate!

  4. I didn’t do very well on this crossword – perhaps as a result of being out of town and without any means of external assistance. There was not one complete anagram – surely a first.

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