DA Confusion on the 8/9th of April, 2011

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61 thoughts on “DA Confusion on the 8/9th of April, 2011

  1. Hidden inside Mystical Orient is a word. It’s one of your basic clue types, like anagrams, charades, double definitions and cryptic definitions.

  2. 19 I think ends in AR, and begins with a truncated sailor. But I can’t get further than that.

    25. I assume the catcher is NET, but there are about a dozen species of fish called Spanish Mackerel according to Wikipedia, and none of them fit _N_O.

    Was the clue on 7 a little off? I think “replacement for” implies the former replaces the latter, rather than the other way around.

  3. Thank you Ian, I usually relogate those to a monday, didnt expect it from David, just finished thanks to your hint, RH and I owe you a drink.

  4. 19a: Not been to church in a while, then?

    25a: On the wrong track with net. Try fish with the pattern _N_O_. Or would you like another cue, sorry, clue?

    7a: agreed.

  5. That narrowed the bar on 25A. However, the barracuda would have been closer to home.

    On 19, I’ve been to church recently enough to get 20. I can think of a couple of notable boaties in the OT, and two nautical brothers in the NT, but in the process of typing this I’ve worked out what you meant and that wasn’t it ;)

    Thanks, as always.

  6. I’d like a starting clue for 15A please. However at a glance I have 5D and 24A. Yay me!

  7. Hi, Alison.

    I really liked “unlimited sum” in 5D.

    Until you have 15A, you probably have 24A wrong. I wasn’t desperately happy with this clue, as I think it means more to dramatically shift the advantage from one side to the other rather than to avenge.

  8. Thanks Rupert. Think I might have the first two words but can’t work out what a record player has to do with it….it might click. But then again it might not.

  9. I’ve worked out 15A but I can’t figure out how to apply it to the starred clues. I have a feeling I’m missing something obvious. Any hints?

  10. Okay, can you reassure me that it doesn’t involve creating nonsensical words?

  11. 15D The 3-letter word is brick shaped lolly (as well as a Band name) that have nifty dispensers kids love.

  12. I didn’t like the “brick”. I don’t think I would have got that without a hint.

  13. Not enjoying this one! Got 15A pretty quickly and realised that the starred clues had to have this done to them, but took me a lot longer to work out how the definition part worked. Am not happy with 24A, if this fits the definition, then just about anything that you could make a list of would fit. Not much help for working out what is going on. Have the bottom left corner done now, thanks to the brick hint above. Would never have worked that out myself, but at least I had the first letter so was able to find a plane figure that fitted.
    Don’t get how the 6th, 7th and 8th letters of 14D fit the wordplay.

  14. agree with Rupert, 7A is off (or is DA playing with us and he has deliberately put this backwards too?)

  15. thanks JD, was thinking of the snake (and of course the wrong meaning of stole)

  16. Have top left now, getting somewhere with top right after forgetting to 15A on 8A. Have fixed this now and have some hope of the rest.

  17. All done now, though Spanish Mackerel was something of a red herring!
    This fish name is usually associated with fish of an entirely different genus. He probably could have done better with this clue. I cock mine at this one!

    Quite liked 5D and 11A (although took me a while as I initially had radium and spent ages trying to work out how all the letters fitted). 20D not bad.
    24A very weak link to the theme (see above comment).

  18. 24A is just a container. I don’t see what lists have to do with it.

  19. Went for and got all the non starred clues to give me an ‘in’ but couldn’t get the key 15a without Rupert’s comment April 8 at 12:32 that the definition was less than adequate. That helped a lot. And the rest started falling into place. Liked 18 D. 22A . Still working on the top left corner.
    And what would be the definition for 16D? US listened to world game in Germany? Or he was here at the dance.

  20. Rupert 24a is starred so it should be one of the things in the theme. While you can have a 24a “answer, theme” by expressing a list of the (24a answer) in a variety of foods as a (theme) useful for weightwatchers, you could express a list of anything as a (theme). (Am trying not to give any answers away here so as not to repeat my faux pas of last week!)
    Or do I have the wrong answer contained in the Mystical Orient?

  21. I must be missing something really obvious in 16D. I’ve got the rest of the words so have all the letters and the only word I can find to fit (with plenty of help from Google!) is an alternate spelling of a British prison. Don’t think it’s right as I can’t fit it to the clue and it’s a bit obscure for a clue lacking the “definition element”.

    Gayle’s comments above haven’t helped so any clue would be appreciated.

    Like you Rupert, I thought 5D was clever and I got a chuckle out of 18D.

  22. mrigeoy 16D Didn’t intend to be confusing. Didn’t know what it was. Have got it now. Anagram of falls and boo. A kind of game parlour game or one that might be in a home games room along with 25 A.
    Oh joy! Just when I was going to give up, have crawled out of the smoke and mirrors and found the theme! Makes it a whole lot easier.

  23. 24A fooled me. First starred one I did as it was easy to see. Was so happy it led me to the 15A solution, which I hadn’t yet got, and the instruction, that I completely missed there was also a theme until I got a few more.

    24 A is the least closely associated of the starred clues, unless you put it in the same category as 13 A, as per nn. But I’ve never heard 24 + theme. Whereas all the starred clues other than 24A have a ready association, except for 16D , which does only through its other name.

  24. nn: I had totally missed the theme connecting the starred clues. Now I’ve seen it, I take your point.

  25. Thanks Gayle. I had looked at anagrams for 16D and had even come up with the word which I now know is the answer. I disregarded it thinking it wasn’t a word as it’s not in the Macquarie or the Shorter Oxford. Silly me should have Googled it.

  26. Yeh, it’s fun when you get the whole 15A, hardgoing until then. Still chuckling at DA’s unusually clear and clever instruction which went right through to the keeper. I had only heard of 16D when living in Germany in the American sector in the 70s and it was how the GIs pronounced the roundball game.

  27. I completed 15A fairly early but I can see the theme if it’s not to do with what Rupert said earlier. For 24A if you take the interior it finds a word which can be a sort of list but it doesn’t fit with what I have in 14D with the BOA..The clue about the little brick has me really confused. I am really struggling on this one

  28. I take my hat off to all of you who managed to get most or all of this out without knowing the theme for the definitions of the starred clues! I quite like what DA has done with the theme, very clever, just spoiled by some poor clues. When you think of all the possible types of this theme, he could probably have come up with some more inventive and funnier ones, without having to resort to the obscure 16D (which I also had to Google after trying just about every anagram I could think of) and the questionable 24A.

    Connie 15d is a plane figure starting with T (and sounds a bit like what daring young men may fly on). The little brick refers to the 4th 5th and 6th letters of this and is a type of sweet that comes in a dispenser. Apparently also a band. You don’t need to understand the little brick bit to get the word and I am still amazed that anyone managed to understand this one! You are probably right with 24A but did you do 15A to it before entering?

    14D the paddle steamer is the definition, the rest of it is just wordplay

    There are two bits to the theme that is 15a. The first is that 15A is an instruction, the last word in 15A is the definition part of the starred clues, you have to do the instruction to all of these before you enter them into the grid.

  29. 15D the little brick shaped sweet which comes in a dispenser as Sas explained is not a Tic Tac but something similar. Wordplay involves shortening (brief) a word for case by taking off a letter and then embedding ‘ a ‘ + 3 letter name for the sweet. Geometry would help for the definition.

  30. Thanks nn for pointing out the theme, and for taking your hat off to me and others! I’m reading peoples comments and wondering what the connection is with all the starred clues!!! Something to do with lists didn’t make sense?? Should have seen it after getting 9D and especially 13D after all the chemistry I studied! Suddenly the cleverness and cunning of DA is revealed.

  31. Gayle, many years ago I decided my handwriting was so bad I’d better learn to touch type. This was well before personal computers came along. Now I spend half my day in front of a keyboard, so am rather glad of the ability!

  32. Thanks to some helpful comments above, I’ve finally got all except 2D, although I’m not certain about 18D.

  33. Dave 2D think gambling. A type of theme found in a casino. Sounds like a little law
    18D A small type of theme found in most homes, intended for resting your cups on, but more usually piled high with all sorts of other bits and pieces that you can’t find a better place for in a hurry!

  34. 18 D wordplay in case that’s what’s needed. Sounds like (orally) a person who is spluttered upon. (Not the _ er but the _ ee.) Not a real word – a little DA joke.

  35. All these comments have been a wonderful help but am still stuck on clues 7a and 1d. Any other hints anyone can give me?

  36. Sarah 7A before computers much mail (especially amongst those of the upper classes) would have been constructed at one of these “themes”
    1D Is a large “theme” found in just about every house and probably used most evenings (unless you do this balanced on your knee while watching TV)

  37. Thanks nn, I thought they had to be the answers but don’t really understand why! I’m new to the DA crosswords, have always found them too difficult but have now managed to finish this one thanks to the clues given here. Thanks everyone.

  38. Sarah wordplay in 7A is as follows. When you are expecting something, you are waiting for it, but “a” has been replaced by “r”. r = ringleader (leading letter of ring)
    1D Guessing = divining, but without four (IV) (or six (VI))

  39. Thanks again, pretty obvious when you explain it, but not sure I would have got it myself!! Appreciate your help.

  40. I don’t know about obvious Sarah! Most of DA’s are anything but. I often find the right word and then spend ages working out the wordplay. Without the help of others here I wouldn’t have a hope of finishing one of DA’s crosswords.
    Have just bought DA’s book, will start reading it this week, maybe that will help me get a better understanding of how his mind works.

  41. Thanks, nn. Got them now. Isn’t it amazing how obvious the answers are once you’ve finished?

  42. Really enjoyed this one, but stuck on last four, all in SE corner, ie 19, 23A, 16, 20D
    HELP!! (please) Have some scribbles for all four, but just can’t get there.

  43. Thanks nn for your explanation of the theme. I couldn’t understand whether it was just something to do with the last word of the phrase or the whole idea of avenge!!?? I still find most of them really hard to do. Thanks for the comments from everyone anyway.

  44. Jill SE corner gave me the most trouble too.
    19 is a type of theme you would find in a church. A slang word for sailor with the first letter jettisoned followed by the middle letters of bark
    23A Claws is an anagram indicator.
    16. This one is a theme-top game, I think it is a brand name, but not one I’ve heard of before. A small version of one of the most popular team games in the world, anagram of last two words
    20D Marx essence is similar to bark’s contents and this is inside something associated with fast(ing). Cottoned on is the definition.

  45. thanks,nn!
    should have figured 23, esp as I guessed first 4 letters!But claws=anagram? Didn’t pick that up.
    Had 16D but didn’t write it in, as I’d never heard of it…if I’d googled it sooner, wouldn’t have needed help.
    Should have worked out 19 too (stuck on wrong alternatives for sailor) but think 20 a bit too obscure, and don’t mind needing help with that one!

  46. Jill, the way I see 20 D: The definition ‘cottoned on’ as in the sense of acquired a new idea. Wordplay: Fast = Christian season when one fasts containing (grasping) the middle (essence) of the word Marx, ie AR.

  47. Thanks Gayle! Yes, I worked it out, but thought definition imprecise and word plays obscure, even for DA! For me, the only dodgy clue in a very enjoyable puzzle though!

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