DA on the 29/30th of April, 2011

I expect one of the answers to this week’s DA to be PLUNDER.

It’s a wild speculation based on nothing; if the speculation proves correct, don’t mention it (or anything else that might spoil the fun of completing a DA solo) on this thread until Monday.

Update: It’s not quite Pantheon material, but goddamn I enjoyed this one:

A very enjoyable crossword. A delight.

DP Stumps Me

I have a couple of clues from yesterday’s DP that have stumped me.

I’ve put the answers in the comments so that you can have a go answering the clues yourselves.

2 down: Popularity assessments made by sailors (7)

3 down: Bear to get jockey upset (4)

DA Debate for the 22/23rd of April, 2011

There were a few clues that I and others considered questionable and worthy of debate. They are:

24 across: Bush strife giving voice to sport hero of Australian cricket (4, 3)
Here, it’s the supposed homophone at giving voice to sport = giving voice golf = gulf. Maybe it’s because I’m not a South Australian, but I reckon that’s crap.

Giving voice … hero of Australian cricket = giving voice Waugh = war is alright in my book, though.

1 across: Hearing test results in retriever, perhaps, biting one sheep (9)
Here, it’s retriever perhaps = golden = au that’s dodgy I think on two counts: 1. au is an abbreviation for gold, not golden; 2. the double step, from adjectival possibility to abbreviation, seems one step too many.

6 down: Fuel affair — breach admitted by extreme politician (8)
It’s the extreme politician = pn. A big black mark, no?

DA for the Easter break (22/23rd of April, 2011)

I expect famous bunnies to be the theme this week: Bugs, Jessica Rabbit, the Watership Down rabbits, the frightening Donnie Darko rabbit, perhaps even the Rabbitohs (wow, look what I’ve just discovered: a rabbitoh is an itinerant seller of rabbit meat (although I take the etymology on Wordnik with a grain of salt)).

Anyway, comment away here (no spoilers on this thread until Monday).

Update: A nice one:

Before we’d met, RC had SET THE PLACE ON FIRE and I had SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE. Thankfully GULF WAR got us to the right answer.