DA for 25/26th of March, 2011

I’m hoping for an AFL theme this week.

Any luck?

Update: A fun theme:

Too much other stuff got in the way of my giving this week’s a good go. I think I missed out (of the ones I did do, ODDER I quite enjoyed).

13 thoughts on “DA for 25/26th of March, 2011

  1. There’s a theme, but it is only very tangentially related to AFL.

    9A is my favourite so far. Still a few to go, mostly in the lower left corner.

  2. Hrumph, I’m sure 18A is not an Aussie expression. Otherwise good fun, enjoyed over a glass or two of Penfolds red.

  3. Some lovely devious clueing. A thoroughly enjoyable crossword.
    Peter, I think you’ll find Bonds and many other manufacturers make 18A and that they are advertised in catalogues from Target and other stores.

  4. Yes, I mostly enjoyed it. Found the SE corner hard going. My favourites were 17D, 25D, 9A. I felt the same way as Peter about 18A.

  5. All OK, I thought, with a couple of whinges over in other thread. I was OK with 18A – it’s a usage I’ve heard over the last few years.

    Don’t have to like it

    , but can’t complain about DA’s use.

  6. Strange spacing in previous post was due to a faux-html joke being taken literally by humourless wordpress.

  7. 1/4 Is this an April fool’s day joke? Just to confuse us totally? The corner for this week’s not set up yet – and I’ve got half done before breakfast. Good one so far – and a couple of funnies.

  8. I’m obviously in the wrong state of mind. I got crushed by Enigmatist in Wednesday’s Guardian (I got two answers), and now I’m struggling on what appears to be a relatively easy DA.

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