DA on the 4/5th of March, 2011

I expect an easier one this week.

And hopefully I get time to look at it (there’s the Antipodes and the Sydney Road festival going on in the one weekend!)

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A brilliant one:

RC and I got into this one Tuesday night and failed miserably short of success. Once we cheated to get the answers out, we were impressed: this crossword was a beauty!

In fact, I would consider this a Para Pantheon candidate — it’s too good a crossword to not be given greater honour.

13 thoughts on “DA on the 4/5th of March, 2011

  1. Gee, there are some good distractors this week. Most of the puzzle fell out over a cup of coffee, but the last two clues teased me until after a glass of wine at dinner (and on reflection didn’t seem that tough, but as I say, the distractors …).

  2. Agreed, a nice standard crossword, notable for its absences: No elipses, no spoonerisms, no linked clues (that’d have to be a first), no obscure terms.

  3. Yes, very enjoyable this week. My favourites were 26A/11D, 8D, 3D, 4D, 14D.

  4. Good for me, too. Liked 26A/11D, 3D, 7D, 8D. Only one whinge and two queries in other thread. As Peter implied, some particularly well-concealed definitions.

  5. Good ol’ plainish crossword on inital thoughts – quite like the fun ones and themed ones – but then really enjoyed the clues. Loved the construction of 22D and especially 23 D – all-time favourites for their packed meanings and great surface reading.

  6. What, no theme! Otherwise good, I suppose.
    As well as those mentioned already, I liked 16A and 7D for their clever concealment.

  7. Agree with GB that 16A and 7D were clever clues.
    Needed help with 9A – too obscure for me!
    And will need to look in the other thread for and explanation of the wordplay in 10A.
    All in all I thought it was a good puzzle.

  8. My only complaint is that there were a few too many clues where I had to guess the answer from the (often disguised) definition and from letters in place, and then retrospectively tease out the wordplay. 3d is the best example of this but also 21a, 4d and 25a. I am no GP fan but it is probably a stretch to call 25a a champ. Agree with GB & mrigeoy above but also think 14d very clever. 8d especially and also 27a made me smile.

  9. Sheesh, JK, that happens to me all the time with DA! (Teasing out the wordplay retrospectively). Agree with your examples, except I felt that with 21A there was a fair chance the answer would start with Di. I too thought Mark Webber as F1 champ a bit of a stretch. I was thinking Juan Fangio at first! Anyone remember him?

  10. I too have to reverse-engineer a lot of these . . . like 13D for example, and 27A. Thankfully SGB is sharper, and nails things like 1A. We thought this was classic DA, asnd why we love him. Got a good laugh (at ourselves) out of 16A, which had us stumped until near the end.

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