DA Confusion for February 25/26th, 2011

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79 thoughts on “DA Confusion for February 25/26th, 2011

  1. Nice (new to me) DAisms in 2 and 11. Now, on to the annoyances:

    2: “Old” seems spurious. Is it?
    10: DA shows his arts background again!
    12: Another dubious homonym, when there was a better one for the taking.

    13 seems awfully obscure. Are they common in Melbourne?

  2. 5A: DO. NOT. WANT. Really ugly clue, IMO. Also, the definition doesn’t really match.

    8: Another definition that doesn’t really match.

    All made up for by 15, which I really liked, once I worked it out.

    Is there a section of this website for victims of compiler abuse?

  3. 2d: Leningrad now back to Petrograd or St Petersburg, hence the “old”
    10a: I think mass and density can be near-enough equivalents when used in a non scientific setting. cut him some slack.
    5a: Reverse hidden clue, surface makes a vague kind of sense, definition near enough, what’s the problem?
    13a: I always struggle when the definition is plant. Not much of a gardener.

  4. @ Rupert: 2D I think ‘old’ is correct, and the name name is in fact ‘older’; 10A ‘dubious’ would have rhymed with ‘spurious’; 12A WWF would not want us to eat your homonym!; 13D I knew this without having to look it up; and I thought the other two iffy but OK at a stretch. The jokes certainly made up for the long shots.

  5. I stand corrected on 2. I had forgotten they’d gone back to a previous name, so Old does make sense.
    10: a ton of bricks may have the same mass as a ton of feathers, but I know which I’d rather have dropped on my head!
    5A: the answer is a woman who behaves the same way as a young man. I don’t think she-devil is fair.
    12: I’ll make some allowance for your weird accents over there ;)

  6. 5a is a woman who behaves as badly as the worst of the lads. there really is an element of disinhibited, drunken behaviour implied by the term. She-devil fits.

  7. Regarding 8: “impress” seems like a reasonable def to me, but I can’t justify the first three letters of the solution. Anyone?

  8. got myself into a right mess with this one.
    Had Cowpoke for 1d, but this doesn’t fit with 10A. (had the Spoonerism back to front in 1A by the looks of it too).
    Am now completely stumped on 1D (Amongst many others!)
    Would never have got 10A with that Mass clue. I’m with Rupert on this!

  9. got 1D now and from there 12A (Quite like that one!), 12A leading me to realise that I have 5D and 13D wrong (although my answers quite plausible!) Not having a good day.

  10. Think I’ve got the right plant now, makes a bit more sense than the one I had and is quite common in Melbourne
    Rupert with regard to accents over there (here??) Perhaps a better clue for 12A would be “Fresh fish test?”, this fits the way I would pronounce it.

  11. I like 17 down, all solved but don’t understand wordplay in 15 apart from an alternative (seat) to windows. Anybody?

  12. 11A where does the end early bit come in, I have the blokes incontinent forgetting, surely that’s all that’s needed???

  13. Tell me we aren’t going to have another physics vs arts debate for 10A. Whilst the answer is obvious enough, I think it falls into the same category as the great OHMS/power fiasco! :) Of course, who am I to speak, every time I did an electromag prac in first year physics, half the lights in Parkville went out!

  14. have the top half done although don’t understand the first three letters of 8D, despite Peter’s hint. Also 5D I have a phrase for quickly but if this is right, I have no idea on the wordplay for the rest of it. Hope I have the right answers for these, but so far today I’ve managed to put in several quite plausible but completely incorrect answers.
    Hint for 24A might get me somewhere towards filling in the bottom half, so far I only have 13D,14D and 17A!

  15. nn – for 5D, think of Sweeden and stolen.
    For 24A, ‘Drum’ is a brand name!

  16. JC – mass = density didn’t bother me since the wordplay was so straightforward. It’s easier to forgive these indiscretions when you haven’t wasted half the day puzzling over them.
    And Sandy liked the Get Smart reference in 12A!

  17. found the drum, but me being a NS made it hard, shame on DA for promoting a filthy habit

  18. GB on 10A wordplay was straightforward if you had latched on to the right Gore (I was going with Vidal and getting nowhere!). Mass completely threw me as the definition word. Was looking for things to do with church services and with weight (a term much more commonly confused with mass). Without Rupert’s comment I would have wasted a lot of time on that one.

  19. I still have 21D and 20A to go. If 21D is what I suspect it is, and starts with the fourth of ‘serving’, how do the other letters fit the clue? And wouldn’t that make the ‘bouncer’ really a ‘bounder’, like Mr Grant? But that would be hyphenated 4-3.

  20. Thanks SK. The ‘for’ threw me. And I’ve just realised what 20A is. Having discarded anything to do with ‘joey’ I’d been confused. All out now in plenty of time for pre-dinner drinks.

  21. Dave R: 20 doesn’t have anything to do with JOEY (I spent a lot of time down that dead end). It’s a Little Creature that is [synonym of] continually punching [inside] [synonym of] grant.
    The adult form of this animal showed up as part of last week’s 24.

  22. got it all now, quite liked 2D, 20A and especially 25A
    Wordplay in 26A seems a bit weak (or am I missing something?)
    Still don’t understand first three letters of 8D

  23. For 5d: do we think pinched = hot, with near as a throw-away word, or is pinched a containment indicator, and near = hot? (as in “you’re cold, you’re cold, now you’re getting warmer, now you’re boiling hot”) I happen to think the second is more elegant, since it makes better use of all the words. And I don’t recall seeing “hot” used this way in a crossie before.

  24. 26A – Take out the interior of ‘theory normal’.
    8D – dope = info = gen

  25. Thanks, would never have thought of that meaning for Drum. Still plodding along, any hints for 9A and 12 A? Am sure I’m missing the obvious (as ever!)

  26. Ian I think your second explanation is correct. Was wondering about the hot and if DA was also expressing an anatomical preference here in that maybe an alternative to reading it as 4, 1, 4 you could read it as 4, 2,3

  27. Ian – I think it’s definitely ‘pinched’ = HOT, ‘near’ improves the surface reading. One of my favourites.

  28. thanks Ian. nn I think dope =info =gen, with head dropped down becomes “eng” I think, seems a bit of a stretch though.

  29. If pinched = hot, where does the near come in? Much prefer it as a containment indicator
    GB thanks for26A and 8D explanation (would never have equated gen with info, is it slang?)
    Jill 9A is the clue, the two words are synonym of shrink, followed by synonym of making fortune
    12A synonym of blokes (slightly rearranged, see explanation above from Ian) inside a continent (incontinent!)

  30. 22A I think I have the correct word=to do with being keen and not dry?
    But that leaves me with being foxed for 23D starting with E? Can anyone help?
    also I think I have the correct word for 7D = formal attire but I can’t see how the clue works.
    1D I have the correct word I am sure but I can’t see how the clue works.

  31. nn – ‘near’ as an indicator could have been ‘before’ and we wouldn’t have minded, would we?
    GEN is old-school, British military slang for intelligence.

  32. Conny – 23D starts with B. 22A is a famous lexicographer. 7A – heads is the other possible call.

  33. Conny, 22A is someone who surfs the net (and is very good at it). You probably won’t find it in a dictionary (yet). I think you have the wrong word for it as my 23D starts with B.
    7D is formal attire, when I did it I thought I understood the rest, but now it escapes me!
    ID is the fellow in the bull ring who stabs the bull’s neck muscles with some sort of lance.

  34. thanks for the lexicographer GB, I have an A as the second last letter and hadn’t seen the connection.
    I don’t mind the near as an indicator, I just prefer the other explanation for that clue. I don’t have a problem with the L and the S pinching the store. When you pinch something you put your thumb on one side and finger on the other, just like these two letters do. If it said contained or surrounds instead of pinched, would anyone have a problem? But it says pinched, which adds a bit of humour to the clue

  35. But ‘store’s’ comes with its own S! It’s just the L at the bottom of ‘girl’. I think if DA had meant to use LS, he would have said ‘girls’ bottoms’

  36. Thanks, nn but I had 11, it’s 12A I’m stuck on, even though I have all the down clues.
    I liked 5D, no probs with working that one out.

  37. On 8D – there are two ways: (a) Information end dropped down to the end = three letters, + all night party; or (b) Information, end (first letter) dropped = two letters, + the all night shift at work. I prefer the latter.

  38. Jill sorry I gave you 11 instead of 12, I’ve made so many mistakes on this one that I can’t read some of the numbers!
    GB, re 5D I agree the s comes from stores, had missed that.

  39. Peter: you’re thinking of the graveYARD shift. Never heard it called the grave shift. First way is better

  40. Liked this week’s. Tried to do it without help. 5a didn’t get the nurses as one of the indicators – but now it’s obvious. Don’t mind the definition. Quite funny – as in 24A (I’m old enough to remember) and 15 A once I got some letters and got off the Ipods and Imacs – because I had the I from a fruit.
    20A guessed the right young bouncer. Thanks Rupert for the wordplay.
    Thanks SK for the wordplay for 21D – got it but couldn’t get it. Thought DA was having another mispronunciation moment as in 12 A. Really cross about that – even had all the other letters and the right syonym in mind for shanty – and studies years ago in German and psychology – but forgiving DA for this, the humour compensates.

  41. Thanks for the comments/explainations above – had guessed 11a but never got the wordplay; nor the first three letters of 8d (was led astray by drugs and fools…) – still not sure if ‘dropping’ works for shifting the first letter to the end – I thought it was more an instruction to remove a letter? 3 to go…

  42. GB… I also enjoyed 12A.. brought back many fond memories of that Get Smart episode! Also, I didn’t mind the sounding so much, once the majority of the letters were in place it was readily apparent, well, certainly no “shock” to me. :)

  43. JC so now we’ve got an American-German pronunciation? Missed the Get Smart episode. Bit of a red herring? : )

  44. No-one’s explained 15A to Stephen, yet, I believe. Think aeroplane seating.

    I agree with the criticism regarding pronunciation of 12A: instead of ‘shanty’, something like usurer (except that was used last week) would have been preferable.

    That’s the only clue I didn’t like this week. Good all round.

  45. 10A I read the definition as “attending mass”, so to do with mass rather than meaning the same as mass.

    1A Can someone explain Pacific = COAL or COLE or similar to me? Or have I divided the clue incorrectly?

    Very much enjoyed the crossword, and with the help of this column finished it off and managed to enjoy most of the wordplay. Thanks.

  46. Deryn: Asian Civet is the clue in 1A, and the answer is a name for this. The spoonerism creates the pacific bit. Pacific = CALM. I had it backwards first time too and I also thought 1A was pole cat too, leading me to put Cole Pat, which didn’t make sense. This in turn created no end of trouble for me including an incorrect but highly plausible answer of cowpoke for 1D and severe problems with the infamous 10A and 12A 1D has to do with bullfighting, not cows as I realised later.

    Nice attempt to rescue 10A’s massive problem!

  47. This bothers me because in an otherwise brilliant puzzle I think a couple of things “not quite right” – 10A “attending mass” is obscure, but I can forgive it – however 8dn involves cutting and does not mean the same as “impress”, which involves pressing. Or have I missed an obscure meaning here? That said, I think 18ac and 24ac are just brilliant and without a theme, I found this one harder than usual.

  48. Thanks nn. I had entered POLE CAT as the answer which didn’t confuse any other clues, but I realise now my zoology is poor! Thanks for putting me right.

  49. Deryn I think your zoology is ok. They seem to be known as both polecat and palm cat according to various articles (try googling it).

  50. Me too, Deryn! (Pole Cat)
    Couldn’t get the word play, but just thought I was missing something. Calm/Palm clearly makes much more sense. Thanks (again), nn!

  51. SR Mass = density is far worse than engrave = impress. To make an impression is to make a mark on things or get them noticed, engraving does this and the result is still a lowering of the surface even if it is cut in rather than pressed. I agree they aren’t exactly the same thing, but much closer than mass and density, which is like equating distance to speed. Having said that, 8D still a problem with the ENG bit.

  52. I was OK with DOPE = INFO = GEN, and DA has used “dropping head” before, so the wordplay in 8D worked for me, though “Cut dope” may have been fairer than “Impress dope”.

  53. Would like to know what DA had in mind for 1A. POLE or PALM as they’re both possible. Pacific Coal is a very well known Australian industry – and the first word that came to mind when asking husband for help.

  54. I’m pretty sure it’s PALM.

    1. Calm is a more obvious synonym for Pacific than Cole (and there is no homonym indicator).
    2. POLECAT is usually (7), not (4, 3)
    3. Polecat is a very broad term, including several types of weasel, and skunks, as well as all civets, not just Asian ones, whereas PALM CAT refers only to Paradoxurus hermaphroditus, the Asian palm civet.

  55. In 13D, I get CINE from promising film, and ARIA from song. Is the R just ‘bit of romance’? It’s not a very big bit…

  56. A little romance goes a long way ;)

    That’s how I understood the wordplay. And those big daisy things are apparently cineraria, so it seems to fit.

  57. ‘Heavens’, a mild interjection equivalent to Holy Cow. A cow is a lower(as in the sound it makes), and is holy in India – inc. Mumbai.

  58. Ben, I agree that “bit of romance” = R is a bit of bullshit! Maybe there’s another explanation?

  59. The only defence of “bit of romance” is in the surface reading & I am sure even that could have been modified in some way to clue the first letter of romance without spoiling it. So, RB, without being quite as direct as you, I agree also.

  60. Ted, cows “low”. Just like cats “miaou”. (Well, the same but different :-)

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