DA for the 18/19th of February, 2011

I got the year right in the heading this week, which only bodes well for the prospect of putting DA to the sword.

Comment here about your thoughts on this week’s offering, only don’t provide any spoilers on this thread until Monday.

Update: I’m partial to a good theme, and this one I enjoyed:

For the first time in a long time, RC, TH and I got together for a DA. TH is off to NY on Friday, so chances are this will be the last for a long time that the triumvirate get to knock over together.

RC was voted BOG. Thus, he has the honour of holding onto what has become the prize for the finest display of solving whenever the three of us do get together, a prize he wears with pride wherever he goes:

Appropriate, no?

25 thoughts on “DA for the 18/19th of February, 2011

  1. Nice crossword, it brought a few chuckles to morning tea. Wasn’t sure about the ‘up’ in 9A. I particularly liked 22A.

  2. Good fun…not too nasty, and a nice theme. My favourites were 1A, 22A and 17D.

  3. I can’t figure why a compiler can’t stand on the quality of each stand-alone clue, rather than bullshit cross-referencing like Astle relies on. I know Ximenes a.ka. D S Macnutt didn’t have to resort to these tricks to make himself look clever. Anyone with an opinion could email me at mrkleen1@iprimus.com.au

  4. Mike I think you may get some passionate responses to that!
    Personally I like the themes and linked clues – it makes the crossword a whole rather than 35 or so clues only linked by intersecting letters.

  5. @ Mike: I think that there are enough quality stand alone clues in most DAs, as well as the great themes, some of which are quite challenging. On top of that, I find them amusing, with neat images, humorous wordplays, and a refreshing amount of Aussie content.
    Now, wasn’t Ximenes floating around in the 50s and/or 60s? Perhaps he didn’t have the idea of a thematic approach way back then, and who knows what he would have done with it if he did …

  6. I think if you don’t like doing DA crosswords, then don’t. Find some ones that you do like and enjoy them. There are many different compilers with different styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

  7. Agree with JD. I enjoy DA’s style and frankly get bored with many other setters. But, as with many things, it’s purely a personal preference and there is no right or wrong. I wouldn’t waste my time even looking at the blogs of setters that I don’t care about, let alone feel the need to criticize them! But hey, it’s a free world…

  8. Whoops – I meant SK.
    But I’m sure I’ll be equally impressed with what JK has to say – consider it agreement in advance, JK!

  9. agree with everyone except Mike Pratt.
    have really enjoyed some of DA’s themed ones in the past. My only gripe about them all relying on one clue is that this clue is often the one that completely stumps me! Thankfully this site gives enough hints to make a start when that happens.
    Particularly liked the little creatures one from a few weeks ago, but again, a slightly more friendly clue than the one that required you to know of an obscure beer company would have helped!

  10. Have found this one a bit awkward even after I had found all the words (probably shouldn’t have started it so late in the day!). A few too many wordplays that simply cobbled together a bunch of letters for my liking. Makes it tedious. Would much rather have clues along the lines of 19D, 12A and my favourite for this week 2D.

  11. Like a 1 Down, I’m new to David’s blog and this is only the 3rd of his crosswords that I’ve done. I enjoyed this week’s theme as I’ve been in the aviation business since 1965. 28ac was a particularly nice piece of nostalgia! What I like about David’s crosswords is that they offer a different challenge to those in The Times, my usual crossword haunt. DA’s clueing conventions for anagrams are different and he refers to people who are still alive, unlike The Times where the convention seems to be that you have to be dead before you rate a clue in your honour. Themes are also not normally found in The Times so, as mentioned, I like the different challenge DA sets. COD? Difficult. Several with that tongue-in-cheek element that I like, but 19D appealed to me. I was heading off in a musical direction until I had that bowl of soup in 18ac!

  12. On serendipity, multiple connotations, or the risks of googling. ABC News item on 19 Feb 11 – Former president of Garuda and former pilot were gaoled for poisoning human rights activist inflight in 2008. (Courts odered that widow will receive compensation.)

  13. I think I struggled with today’s because I was looking for a different pattern of reference. Liked the international flavour. Didn’t notice any specific Melbourne clues, which usually ‘stump’ me – and even though I have a cricketing family, I didn’t get the holding wordplay until it was pointed out. On the gender bias, the fabric one a while back doesn’t cut if for me either – too esoteric, although I did find a wiki list which helped.

  14. I’m inclined to agree with Mike Pratt about the cross-referencing. If you clock the key clue early, the crossword becomes easy. Take this week’s. I got 1D quick sticks, which meant half the crossword was a gimme because all I had to do was think up assorted 1Ds.

  15. I agree, TT. In my case, I _didn’t_ get 1D which made it a near-impossible slog.
    (“quip” = “line”? … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.)

  16. I’m more partial than not to the themed crossword, but I reserve my right to be underwhelmed.

    The beach-themed crossword is one in particular I was especially disappointed by simply because I didn’t care about the answers. And I count my lucky stars that I happened to miss the Harry-Potter themed crossword when it was published.

    This airline one, though, I thought was reasonably fun.

  17. AFL joke. NSW & Queensland readers look away now: Is the t-shirt part of the Fremantle Dockers training kit?

  18. A fine crossword and great to have done it in such good company. I cant wait to wear the W-anchor shirt at our next glorious DA reunion, whenever it may be! No, TT, I didn’t get it in Freo, I actually bought it in the Mindle Beach market in Darwin.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen an internet forum react to an incendiary comment like Mike Pratt’s with such maturity and tolerance. No one even taking a swipe at his name! Truly, crossword solvers do tend to be better people, and now we’ve seen that DA solvers are better still.

  19. Now was it really a Mike Pratt or is DA just testing the waters on his use of themed crosswords. If so, then Mike Pratt would be an anagram, but of what?
    There’s a puzzle to keep you going until the weekend!

  20. You might be right, nn. I cant solve the anagram, but perhaps it is DA, or another setter being a wag!

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