DA Confusion for the 18/19th of February, 2011

Voice your confusions right here and have them resolved in a jiffy.

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  1. Peter in the other thread mentioned he wasn’t sure about the “up” in 9A. I think it means “in the sky”, which is correct.

    At least I’d heard of the ex-PM in 29A, but I had to look up the founder in 11A. How does the wordplay in 11A work, anyway?

  2. May I please have a hint for 1-Down, seeing that just about every other clue depends on it???? Thank you!

  3. Just got 1D!!! Joy. I’m normally not at all good at those clues but that one just hit me. Hint: it’s not a pigeon!

  4. I’d like a hint for 6D and 17D please, so I can at least get started on the rest. 20A has me stumped too, I can only think of ‘serfco’ which doesn’t make any sense at all…..

  5. 6D Think Star Wars.
    17D “Sailing edge” means one of the edges of a sail (I’ll give you a choice between LUFF and LEACH).
    20A Slave backwards followed by company.

  6. Sorry, Alison. Obviously you were really close on 20A, and I overdid the hint. “over” = reverse.

  7. Thanks Rupert!
    Got 17D and 20A (can’t believe I couldn’t work out 20A). Is 27A something that you eat? I know nothing about Star Wars (other than there was someone in it called Chewbacca) so that doesn’t help…but thanks!

  8. 27A is indeed something that many people like to eat (religious and dietary inclinations sometimes interfere).

    Actually, I really like 27 & 28 as a pair of linked clues. Quite neatly done.

    6D, for the heretics who don’t obsess over Star Wars ;), is the extremities of LONE around an anagram of OFFICER.

  9. Now got 6D. I thought it was L and E…..I had 11A wrong then, which I thought was something that had feathers. And I can’t believe it’s taken me until now to get 4A. I was trying to think of feline-related words…duh.

  10. For 27A I can see the edible answer but can’t work out how it’s clued. Help, please?

  11. @Alison: 11A is a mans name, homophonic (made for air) with a synonym for tailor.

  12. @JT: 22 Latin for others is ALIA.
    24: Career = run around like a rabbit, book = manuscript.

  13. Finished by 3pm Friday! Come on David, what am I supposed to do for the rest of the weekend?

  14. For those still battling with 1d it is not handbag! Could perhaps also be clued as: Cockney fractures bone, kept alive by suction hose.

  15. I am still really foxed by 1D. i think i have 21D correct [ a needle helping to locate?] but I can’t figure oput how this is 1D lapsed. Obviously this is retarting my progress with the rest of the clues!

  16. 21 is a small 1D based in Minneapolis, MN, which I thought was obscure – and I used to live there! But it turns out it was also two 1Ds in the 1990s in Australia, the first one being Australia’s first low-cost 1D.

  17. Finished fairly quickly again this week, but without understanding the word-play elements of 24A (thanks, Rupert) or 28A. Ah, now, looking again as I type this, I realise it depends on a synonym for ‘second’.

  18. didn’t start until this evening, but only managed to get 9A. Have 6D and 21A following all your hints. Have an answer for 27A, but don’t really understand it.
    Despite the above hints I have no idea on 1D, hence the rest is beyond me.

  19. I cant see the association with ‘sky’ or ‘up’ in 9A. Answer seems to be simply another word for bear using alternate letters.

  20. am not understanding 30A although I believe I have the answer (one of our oldest) and don’t get the tailor association with its founder’s surname in 11A
    Don’t get the reference to the synonym for second in 28A
    Have about half of it now, but not getting very far with the rest.
    Some help with 8D would be good

  21. nn 8D Mill ( anag ) TENANT ON and a evening entertainment with music type of ball

  22. thanks David just got that one.
    Am not really with it this week, still don’t understand the wordplay in half of the others that I have and still missing about 8 of them.
    4A has me stumped. From comments above I presume it has nothing to do with cats!

  23. nn – 30A – a ‘press conference’ is basically a Q and A session, ‘not vacuous’ = ‘NT’ and ‘like’ = AS.
    11A – ‘tailor’ is a type of fish.
    28A – ‘second’ = BACK (as in second a motion), so ‘almost second’ = BAC, and ‘none within’ inserts an O.
    4A – ‘claws’ is an anagram indicator, and think of TV series.

  24. thanks GB, had played around with anagrams of felixs, but got nowhere. Never watched that tv series, hence my difficulty.

  25. not having watched the tv series might also explain my lack of understanding of the wordplay in 13a

  26. never watched it either, but I gather it’s to do with whatever’s ‘out there’, hence A and ET ‘enclose’ an anagram of ‘floor’.

  27. got the floor part of the anagram, not clear on where the A and ET come from. ET out there? but the A???

  28. Off to a flying start, this week, and had high hopes of finishing without hints from here….but needed hint to get 21D (thanks, Rupert!).

    Am still stuck on 19D, in spite of having all the across clues filled in. Is it a 1D?

  29. I have completed the puzzle but I am foxed by how some clues work. I wonder if someone can explain how the clues work in
    10A: I can’t see where “level average” comes in
    16A I guess’ rant’ is’ does block’ but the other part is puzzling me
    2A: is the African snake named here? [LANG?]
    17D: I can see the LUF [ Thanks Rupert] but I can’t work out how the other part = compared to first sailing couple
    19D : I can’t figure out how this one works.
    Thanks folks

  30. I can’t get the wordplay in 19 D either.
    GB and RB on the other thread said they liked it. Help please?

  31. Conny
    19 down is a pattern they put planes in waiting to land. Also the name of a West Indian fast bowler.
    2A I think there is an African snake called a boomslang. Take the noise (the boom) off this.
    16A I’ve no idea how the other bit of this works either (like quite a few of them this week, the wordplay is beyond me.)
    Have an Indonesian airline for 29A but don’t get the PM bit despite having trolled through numerous lists of PMs of various countries!
    Was lost on the second bit of 17D too. I think the T is the first letter of to. Have googled Hansa and it has something to do with sailing, either a company or type of yacht by the looks of it.
    I’m lost on 10A level average for academy’s ultimate. Have a word for eccentric, but not sure if it is right. Is it something the Addams family are in addition to being creepy??
    Still stuck on 7D, 18A, 26A

  32. just got my soup ingredient in 18A, but don’t get the wordplay
    Just got 26A.
    7D to go

  33. Ah thanks Connie for 19D – famous fast bowler.
    nn 10A – you’ve probably got the word. 2 x 2 letter colloquial abbreviated synonyms + last letter of academy. (Level = synonym for a boxing term)

  34. Thanks for the help with 19D, nn. Was SURE it was another 1D, so was blind to any other possibilities.

    level = two letters meaning flat (on the canvas)
    average= two letters that mean ‘all right’
    then the last (ultimate) letter of academy

    well, that’s what I thought anyway!

    still figuring out the wordplay for 18A, second word (unless it’s French?)

  35. nn I was with you this week – too tired I think, despite Rupert’s big hint up front.
    18 A wordplay usurer + french word usually shown at the end of a film and in other combinations. The ‘wolf’ is a bit of an odd and over the top indicator which threw me because it seems it’s just a two word definition, apart from the food idea, unless I’m missing something.

  36. nn I mean thanks nn for holding
    17 D the hansa and merchant sailing link had me going but I think it’s just the combination of a word used in comparisons (eg more …….. ) + the first two letters of ‘sailing’. Anyone?

  37. If 16A is still a problem, this might help:
    “Liberal” = TOLERANT
    “block about” = LOT about = TOL
    “drug” = E
    “polemic” = RANT

    [For a while, I was hung up on “does block” = “rant”, but the rest of the clue didn’t work and, anyway, “does block” should be “rants”]

  38. Got 7d now, finally worked out which airline it was!
    18A last to wolf doesn’t quite work for me, why not last wolf, the to is a bit misleading if this is the explanation. Prefer the FIN = French for end (last), but then can’t explain the wolf bit.
    RB thanks for the 16A explanation.
    17D LUF THAN SA works for me too, but have just googled Hansa league. It was a first alliance (coupling?) of many trading cities on the Baltic and North sea. Trading was done via the sea (so the sailing connection). It also states that the legacy of the name is most widely observed today in the airline Lufthansa (air Hansa). Maybe DA is being doubly clever here?

    SAS re 29A If it us Rudd (deficient in a d) where does the rest of it (occupies a state) fit?

  39. Yes, that’s the way I saw it:
    “A deficient ex-PM” = ARUD
    “state” = GA (US state of Georgia)

  40. NT it is hidden in the last two words, ripper refers to the sound that this stuff makes when you pull a length of it apart.

  41. 11ac: The answer I have and I understand the import of “for air” but “tailor made”??
    Any ideas?

  42. martinp “made for air” means sounds like, and “tailor” is the thing (animal) referred to

  43. nn – I think the ‘to’ in 18A is just there to make the surface reading work better.

  44. GB re 18A you could be right about the to, but it certainly adds to the confusion (mine at least). Perhaps “last wolf with hot soup ingredients” would have been better if that was the only reason it was there. A very odd clue when simply “Userer’s last soup ingredient?” would have done. Userer = Shark, last = fin.
    Or if you wanted to indicate the French then “Userer’s last French soup ingredient”?

  45. But it’s the imagery conjured up by the phrase “to wolf hot soup” that makes this clue so inspired IMO. And also the fact that “wolf”, “hot”, and “soup” all have to be considered separately.

  46. Hi there,
    Having trouble understanding the wordplay for 22A, 2D and the LUF part of 17D. Would appreciate some help!

  47. It took a while to decode the “fin” bit here, too, but I agree with RB that the SHARK’S FIN clue is really good, for the reasons given. Confusion is fine – indeed, it’s part of the whole idea – as long as the clue is fair, which this one is.

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