42 thoughts on “DA Confusion for the 11/12th of February, 2011

  1. Biggest surprise yet is the nationality of 13A/2D. Not a Victorian – not even Australian!

  2. One of the easier ones, I think.

    11A is the only clue that really stands out for me. Otherwise I hadn’t heard of 9D or 26A, but was able to get them from the wordplay.

  3. Sordid secret – I played the violin until I was 16. So I’d an idea what the small ones were called.

  4. 9D and 26A likewise Rupert.

    No idea re 11A. Have CxRxAxTxx but have never heard of the guy.


  5. @RobT you should have heard of him. Take a tilt at rolling the rest of the letters in the word play.

  6. 18A: it in the sense of (sorry) to sound like. I only know of a few Danish cheeses: the blue castello (great with a full red wine); Danish blue (of course); esrom; samsø; and … .

  7. @Peter: Agreed. I just wondered if DA uses it that way a lot. I don’t recall seeing it before.

  8. 11A I have the name of the writer but i can’t see how the clue works.The special names for 13A-2D and 9D elude me. Any clues?

  9. Come to think of it, i’ve got the first name for 9D. The second one is a problem since I don’t know any of them!

  10. I keep answering myself! Now that I have filled in the first name for 9D that led me to the 13A-2D name since I’d got a clue from Rupert above.

  11. ….OK I’ve worked out 13A-2D. Simple really!! But I am still foxed by the way the clue works for 11A and the second part of 9D

  12. Hi Conny – For second part of 9D, reverse a synonym for space and add a medical TV show.

  13. Hi GB, thanks for the info on 11A. I never would have thought of it! Pretty clever!

  14. De Dah! I’ve completed it all. The clue that still foxes me is 1D. I’d love some advice on this one.

  15. Thanks, all! 11A, I was trying to make something with novel, ie ‘new’ IST, combined with something else, not sure what! No idea on 9D, even with lots of letters, and help from above.

  16. 9D Have second word now (thanks GB)
    Have most answers, but not sure how a few work, eg 1D, 13A/2D.
    Surprisingly not too hard this week, expected a much trickier one after last week.

  17. Jill, 13A-2D is an anagram [ quashes…] with a synonym for crime in the middle
    [ concealed]

  18. Jill – for 1D, I think ‘segment’ is BIT and ‘stab’ is GO (as in “have a stab”)
    For 13A/2D – it’s an anagram of ‘bill here can man’ and EVIL for ‘crime’.

  19. Can I get some hints pls? I’ve got 2 to go: 10A (think I know what is it but can’t work out the wordplay) and 3D

  20. David – 10A – first letter of ‘government’ and a synonym for ‘file’ (think woodwork).
    3D – ‘jumped’ is an anagram indicator, ‘though not’ is a direction to omit ‘in’ from the anagram. ‘tube’ is the definition – think medicine.

  21. Thanks GB. I hadn’t even considered that anagram option for 3D, and the answer is a word I’ve never heard of, which doesn’t help!

  22. Yeah – not a great clue, I reckon. Dodgy indicator and dodgy definition in the same clue.

  23. Jumped relatively OK for an anagram indicator, by DA standards. As for the answer, I encounter them every day.

    We all have lacunae in our general knowledge. “Never heard of it” doesn’t invalidate an answer for me — it makes me look it up and add it to the store.

    Perhaps we should revive the Teachings of DA.

  24. Yes, agree, Ian. I learned a new word, and a new meaning for a common word today, no problem with either.

  25. Happy with a fairly easy one this week.

    Quibble: 16A to me means drastically reduce, not eradicate.

    Query: can someone explain exactly how the missing T is indicated in 24A? If it’s that pre-tending = the first letter of “tending”, then I’m unhappy with that.

    But otherwise a good nd fair set of clues, I thought.

  26. I have to agree with AG in the other stream – 11A is a brilliant clue. Steve Carroll is a friend of a friend which gave it extra piquancy – he writes for the Age & surely would have been delighted to see his name. Part of its cleverness for me was that the st at the start had me convinced the answer would be an obscure saint’s name (possibly “even”starting with cro, the even letters of Carroll) – I thought that “novelist” might be a feint rather than the definition.

    My only real quibble is that I have never thought of the answer to 3d as a “Tube” – more a container or bottle or vessel . GB you are the expert – what do you think?

  27. JK – I don’t want you thinking I’m sitting here waiting like some crossword tragic, but I agree, ‘vial’ (or is it ‘phial’?) would be closer. I loved the answer – hated the clue.

  28. PS – to the organisers of this estimable website we are solving crosswords in 2011, not 2010 – there might be confusion in the archives otherwise.

  29. A lot of clues this week with the class used as the definition for a specific member of that class. 9D, 15D, 13A, 11A, 24A. To me, this is ok when the answer is one of the first members you might think of, as in 11A and 15D, but not so good in the others where it could be any one of thousands. I guess this is the old ‘pet’ = DOG, vs ‘pet’ = KANGAROO argument. Some people keep kangaroos as pets, but they’re not your classic pet.

  30. Frank Moorhouse is in the kangaroo category, particularly in relation to Coleridge & Cervantes, no disrespect whatsoever to Frank Moorhouse.

  31. 24A: AG, you just need to break the word in a different spot, pret-ending rather than pre-tending.

    I agree that ‘tube’ is a questionable definition, and I don’t care for ‘sense’ as a homophone indicator either. Otherwise a very nice crossword, I think.

  32. Several questionable anagram indicators this week, but that’s par for a DA crossword. Also, I agree with JL that “sense” is a dodgy homophone indicator (note to Rupert: it’s the first time I’ve seen DA use “sense” in this way, but you can be pretty sure it won’t be the last!).

    13A: wasn’t keen on “crime” = EVIL

    16A: agree with AG that “slash” means to drastically reduce, not eradicate.

    Overall though, a pretty good DA, with 11A being a classic!

  33. I’ve had to cheat. Never heard of 8D. Or 26A. NOt too hard agreed but I still had to look at the clues on this site to get started….SIGH.

  34. No quibbles. Only one I couldn’t get was 11A. Was going for a street (probably Melbourne so I wouldn’t know it – and not near a computer) – or a saint, with the even letters of Carroll and, with the letters I already had, trying an anagram on Corris. Definitely not on a roll with that one.

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