71 thoughts on “DA Confusions for the 4/5th of February, 2011

  1. Good one DA. I found it a bit easier than usual.
    But i am not sure with 23A.

    Is the answer as simple as EUROPEAN?

  2. CraigO: No. It’s a DA-ism that modifies an anagram.

    (also, European is too long)

  3. Nitpick: 25D is not power. It’s resistance.

    Also not convinced by the definition for 27A. One is something you start as, the other is something you become.

    Oh, and 19A is an unusual spelling. It usually doesn’t have the 3rd letter.

  4. Agree re 25d, a real howler I suspect DA was a humanities student at school.

  5. It must be slightly easier than usual because I have six without even thinking too much. Appreciate some hints though, esp 24A (I have 1A) 19A and 14A. Then I should maybe be able to get some more…thanks!

  6. And re 27A. As far as I know, Eaglemont is a suburb in Melbourne. That’s it. Help!

  7. Alison, I meant to say that the fact that Eaglemont is a Melbourne suburb is of no import; instead think of the different meanings of ‘crate’.

  8. 24: colourful Melbourne identity, wrote books about his life, appeared tired and emotion on Elle McFeast’s show after consuming a slab in the green room, played by Eric Bana
    14a, 8d: only connected to 24a via a pun.
    19a: Indian word, usually spelt slightly differently

  9. Couldn’t resist a quick sneaky peek to see what I’ll be up against tomorrow. Might have to re-locate to NSW!

  10. some of the bits for 10A, trouble == anag & horse is a nag , hope that is enough

  11. KK: 10A begins with the same synonym of prevent that is in the clue of 23A

  12. Had a merry dance with 17D. Went completely down the wrong track with Finnegan’s Wake and it was so much simpler.

    Got a surprise with the Omega crossword in this Monday’s SMH which was more cryptic than usual with a coded theme. Then saw the compiler was DA having a bit of fun. Don’t often get that paper. Has he been doing it much?

  13. Thanks Ian. Managed to get 27A and 24A. Still no idea on 14A or 19A….will persevere.

  14. Got a hint from other half on 19A and 14A. Now powering along. Thanks JG and Ian.

  15. Alison, for 14A, 8D, if you’ve got 24 A, try thinking of another word for the first (colloquial) 7 letter word in 24A. ‘Folks’ gives 8D. It’s a current pop psychology term to describe overprotective childraisers.

  16. I wonder if someone could help me with 1A [ i’ve got 1D] and 18D please?

  17. Conny – 1A is a synonym for ‘tempo’ within a synonym for ‘change’, meaning ‘flight instrument’. Can’t help with 18D – it’s one of the two I haven’t got yet.

  18. 1A definition is flight instrument. A 5 letter word for ‘change’ encloses a 4 letter word for ‘tempo’.
    18D definition is ‘stock’ as meaning commonplace. Abbreviation for true + word for amateur rising (mounted) with word for photo embedded (stored).

  19. Thanks Gayle – had tried to explain that answer for 18D using the word play and had given up on it!

  20. Any hints for 3D? The clue seems too long for the answer. Probably something simple though…

  21. WMJ – I like your (non) solution! Maybe DA will use that on another occasion. Better than his clue on this one, which others have said is incorrect, and the inverse of the definition, except to the broader field.

  22. Alec Ihm – ‘white quarry’ is the definition. Look for a synonym for ‘mafia’ and a slang term for its ‘nemesis’. ‘pussyfoot’ is another DA-ism to derive a single letter.

  23. Alec, the explanation is even longer! There’s a word for mafia and and another one for the enemy of crooks and the ‘y’ (foot of pussy) in between and it means something big and white that was preyed upon.

  24. … and for ‘quarry’, think of something being chased rather than a hole in the ground.

  25. most fairly easy, liked 3D and the associated 21 D (although it took me a while to get 21D!)
    1A good too, possibly a pun in here if you read it out loud as an addition to Gayle’s explanation.

    25D had me stumped till I read Rupert’s nitpick. Thanks. Having done a physics degree, “power” threw me right off track (Watt was DA thinking!!!)

    Still stuck on bottom right corner, 23A and 23D, 20D, have an answer for 28A but suspect it is wrong as I don’t understand it and making it difficult to sort out 20D and 23D.
    Not quite sure about the wordplay in 12A but suspect it has something to do with old nursery rhyme, details of which I’ve forgotten! Will have to look that up.

  26. Rupert, not a nitpick. DA is waaaay off there. Also, the 24A reference to 1A, and 14A’s to 24A are sketchy to say the least.

    I’m stuck on 6D. Any hints?

  27. nn – 23A – It’s a ‘European’ country. ‘Band’ is a DA-ism to derive a single letter – break the word into two parts. That explains which letter to drop from ‘brandies’ for the anagram.

    23D uses the same trick – ‘sweetheart’ ends up as a single letter to be put ‘in’ a three-letter syynonym for ‘hardened’. ‘Circle’ is a single letter on the end. ‘Take care of’ is the definition.

  28. John C – agree with both those!

    For 6D – How would a child describe the ‘pins and needles’ sensation? It’s also a fairly obscure common name for a gum tree.

  29. thanks GB
    I did have 28 wrong, which was why I couldn’t get 23D, got 23D now, still stuck on 28A and 20D, but at least I now have a few more (correct) letters. Will press 11A!

    Misinterpreted 23A, read it as a pun Euorpean “Banned”, was trying to get the European (E) out of Brandies, but then had no idea what to do with it.

    John C 6A is a type of tree found in WA, also what you feel with pins and needles.

  30. got the last couple now, my wrong 28A really stuffed me up
    20D, had realised that boxer probably wasn’t a fighter (after a short while trying to find some sort of synonym for cauliflower ear) and was messing around with anagrams but tried to “line” mercury with ill (ie put ill in hg) but was a letter short. Got it now, ill was the anagram indicator, kicking myself.

  31. nn, WMJ might be too modest to reply but I really loved his/her comment for 25D. (a joke like yours, Watt? .. ooo, sorry) The solution – FDR – is the one which could/should have been correct if the grid worked that way and DA had his physics right. ie (hope you don’t mind WMJ) Franklin Delano Roosevelt – was in power for 4 terms.
    12 A The only (solo) day not included in Tues-Sun is ..

  32. 25D: “Power” for OHMS shocked me.

    Thank you, thank you. The veal is great. I’ll be here all week.

  33. PS I got stuck with the boxer too. Was working on ‘ugly lug’, but couldn’t justify it.
    And thought 24A ‘ex-crook suggests’ was a pun on 1A – but the answer wasn’t ‘oldtime’ something. Been down a lot of wrong paths, but got there in the end.
    Not as blokey as last week’s but pretty close, and 2 Victorians!

  34. Found it easier than usual to get going this week, but hit a wall with a few to go. Thanks for the hints on here re 24A, and 18D. After solving those, I was able to complete in record time (for me).
    Liked 3 and 21D, and 20D, after (like nn), trying to find alternatives for split lip/thick ear etc!

  35. thanks Gayle, missed the solo bit. Thought it had something to do with an old nursery rhyme about a solomon grundy who was born on a monday, christened on tuesday etc. Was trying to work out why he was available (= born?) on monday but not all the others. Had worked out WMJ’s FDR was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but missed the four terms bit. Was interpreting his clue as a clue for OHM, rather than a correct answer for DA’s clue. Have “ohmed” in on a a better understanding now!

  36. shall we have a vote on which bright spark is the current leader in the 25D pun competition? Winner gets to charge DA a fee for the time spent trying to work that one out from the shocking clue (or am I conducting myself in too negative a manner?) Wire you groaning?

  37. maybe DA’s 25D is a blind clue? It is missing a couple of “I”s, with them it would be powerful!

  38. Where I was going with 25 D was er …. g. (More groans, but true – last 2 letters of power, but couldn’t explain the g.
    nn The “I”s have it, cause I don’t. !??

  39. Nice one Gayle hadn’t thought of ergs! Electrical power is voltage multiplied by current (symbol I) and Voltage is current multiplied by resistance. So power is IxIxR, resistance measured in ohms, therefore ohms need a couple of “I”s to become power. Getting obscure now (rapidly running out of electrical puns, just about exceeded my capacitance), but no worse than some of DA’s clues.

  40. I was stuck in the bottom corner for a long time with ‘vim’ for 25D. Didn’t seem very good, but included a four, an M and was a vague definition for power.

  41. Agree with the comments generally… did seem to be a bit easier this week. I got the answer to 14A/8D and thought it was a bit tenuous, so I googled it… and found out that not only is it a real term, but I am one!!! Doh! Also had a good chuckle over the “Boxer”.

  42. JC – Sandy had no trouble with the Boxer – that was the first meaning she thought of! And in regard to parenting, remember – if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing!

  43. I completed the cross word but I didn’t ubderstand how the clues worked for 3D
    [ how is nemesis = the second word?] 7D [ I don’t get the hold up part = LAG?]
    and 4D[ I’ve put in what I think is the correct word for “join” but I can’t follow the clue]. The others all seem pretty good really , with a little help from all you guys.
    I hadn’t heard from those sort of parents before but it’s a pretty good metaphor! Also with 24A the second name doesn’t seem to have a clue. Correct? Sorry if I’m repeating questions but I can’t see the first lots of comments.

  44. Conny, Lag as in delay (to be held up).
    Have just realised paper has been thrown out so I can’t look up the clues to answer your others. At bottom left of the comments list is a link to older comments (just above the word Leave on top of the box where you Leave a comment), click on this and you should get the first lot. I think most of your other queries are answered there. From memory 24A second word may not have had a wordplay clue.
    The nemesis refers to a nemesis of the mafia, i.e. a detective. (second word is slang for detective)

  45. Thanks nn the nemisis one I should have realised and also the lag for hold up!
    Thanks for leading me to the earlier comments also.

  46. Conny – altimeter gives a reading on a helicopter, hence Chopper Read. I am having trouble with 6D and 19A if anyone can help please

  47. David
    6D , The liquour is RUM , a summit is PEAK the way is ST , a bit of massaging and you’re ready to BBQ

  48. Conny, my reading (pun not intended) of 24A is that an altimeter (1A) is an instrument that would be observed/read in a plane/helicopter so it could be called a “helicopter read”, which is suggested by the name Chopper Reid.

    4D is TENON (as in mortise and tenon joint): skirt hem = last letter of skirt = T; upward zip = upward none = ENON.

  49. David, 6D is mentioned in the earlier comments. TINGLE is a gum tree in WA (new to me). And 19A (also new to me, and also mentioned somewhere in earlier comments) goes like this: Tip=BACKSHEESH (usually spelt without third letter, Google it); supports=BACKS; bloke=HE; she flips=ESH.

  50. This weeks was the closest i’ve been to finishing without cheating. Just cant quite understand 18d or 21d. Also had no idea about 19a, needed to look at hints on this forum. Overall, fairly easy by DA standards.

  51. @ Lloydr:

    18D is T (TRUE) with LAY (AMATEUR) rising upwards (MOUNTED) with PIC inside (STORED PHOTO) to give TYPICAL = STOCK (as in standard).

    21D is MOBY DICK’s TORMENT, i.e. a HARPOON with one O deleted (SUPPRESSED ONE DUCK) to make HARP ON = NAG.

  52. Thanks Jonathan! 18D I had the correct answer, but had L for amateur (learner) so wasn’t sure where the AY came from.

  53. Helicopter parents hover around their children, protecting them from imagined dangers and learning experiences. Hence the “vigilant people” part of the definition.

  54. Yes, but the clue read “[Chopper Read]’s vigilant folks?” The ‘read’ bit wrecks it.

  55. The references between altimeter, Chopper Read and helicopter parents seem to be thematic, rather than strictly cryptic. “Vigilant folks” is the definition, and the reference to Chopper is just a thematic hint.

  56. Confusion for 11/12 Feb? Is “hain” wild weather or was it mean to have been rain? I can’t get “rain”…

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