DA for the 25/26th of February, 2011

Over a series of posts, there’s an interesting discussion of cryptic clues over at DA’s blog. I thoroughly recommend you reading the posts and the comments.

And now on to DA: this week, as always, he’s back.

Comment on DA’s clues below! (Although no spoilers on this thread until Monday.)

Update: Not Pantheon material for mine:

HOLY COW might just be in DA’s top 10 clues of all time, but there’s one thing I’ve learnt about DA the hard way: fear the question mark.

I only got two thirds of it done before throwing in the towel. Looking through the comments here, though, I’m surprised there hasn’t been more complaint. TACKY I thought pretty bad, HAD ON I don’t think fits with BEGUILED, ASSIDUOUS in the VEGAN clue is perplexing, I just don’t get the double definition in BRACE, I thought AISLE was too much of a stretch, DENSITY ain’t MASS, MAKING in the CONTRACT KILLING clue seems a word too much and I didn’t like WEBSTER either.

CIGARETTE PAPERS, though, I thought a touch of genius.

Maybe Loroso’s more pedantic analysis of cryptic clues on DA’s blog, which I linked to above, unduly influenced me, but this week, I was disappointed by DA’s libertarian ways more than I was pleased.

DA for the 18/19th of February, 2011

I got the year right in the heading this week, which only bodes well for the prospect of putting DA to the sword.

Comment here about your thoughts on this week’s offering, only don’t provide any spoilers on this thread until Monday.

Update: I’m partial to a good theme, and this one I enjoyed:

For the first time in a long time, RC, TH and I got together for a DA. TH is off to NY on Friday, so chances are this will be the last for a long time that the triumvirate get to knock over together.

RC was voted BOG. Thus, he has the honour of holding onto what has become the prize for the finest display of solving whenever the three of us do get together, a prize he wears with pride wherever he goes:

Appropriate, no?

DA on the 11/12th of February, 2011

I’m expecting something especially difficult this week, a bad cop after last week’s good cop.

Comments below, but no spoilers until Monday on this thread.

Update: Sounds like it was a reasonable one:

Unfortunately, I’ve been far too busy to get a chance to do this week’s, but here are the crossies thanks to Jonathan.

A Sydney DA-Fan Meet Up

Jonathan, a frequent commenter on this blog and the supplier of the scanned crosswords each week, is wanting to organise a meet up in Sydney with any of you fine DA fans.

Comment below to organise something, perhaps over a beer or a coffee, and rejoice in anagrams, puns, pangrams, lipograms and what-have-you together.

DA on the 4/5th of February, 2011

I’m hoping this week’s ain’t as hard as last week’s (although some of you found it easy!), but more than that I’m hoping it’s jolly good.

Comment below, although no spoilers until Monday.

Update: Another jolly good show, this time a little easier than normal:

Rod and I got together at the Lounge on Swanston Street only a few hours ago to put this baby to the sword. It was a happy victory, one we were quite chuffed about. HELICOPTER PARENTS was new to us, as it was to all the people we asked around us, but we ended up liking the word after initially calling bullshit.