DA for the 28/29th of January, 2010

Probably a run-of-the-mill DA crossword this week.

And here’s where you can talk about it (although without spoilers until Monday).

Update: Jonathan with the goods:

Goddamn, this RC and I considered the toughest in a very long while. We got together only last night around the Greek precinct and only got two thirds of it done.

Super tough.

7 thoughts on “DA for the 28/29th of January, 2010

  1. You were right. Pretty run-of-the-mill after last week’s. Managed to work it out while cheering on Ferrer (but things don’t seem to be going well for him now!) I’m intrigued by 8D. Will have to investigate.

  2. Yes Jonathan – some nice clues – 9A, 11A, 1D, 2D, 8D and 19D – but overall it’s really not the Kitten’s Whiskers!

  3. Here’s a contrary view. Run-of-the-mill? Maybe. But DA’s run-of-the-mill is fine by me! Maybe not the Kitten’s Whiskers, but neither was it a Bugcub! I liked 2D, 5D, 23D.

  4. I thought that this one was a good bread-and-butter DA, with a few challenging wordplays and a few nice chuckles along the way. Managed to get it out on the plane back home. I got stuck on 25A and epicentre for a while there, thinking it to refer to a P.

  5. I enjoyed this – run-of-the-mill DA is always enjoyable as per RB above – but probably not as much as last week (not wishing to re-visit the controversy however). My point is that it was probably just as difficult & challenging anyhow. I really enjoyed “missspelt” but took a while to get it, probably because my own spelling is not entirely reliable. I also loved the definition for “bald” (not having the crossword I cannot give number & directions references for these clues). I had never heard of “oort cloud” but was very pleased to learn about it and there is nearly always a clue like this in DA. The clues I really struggled with were “pearl onion” & “false alarm” – not so much in getting the answers which were guessable but in relation to the wordplay (both explained lucidly in the other thread). I would be interested if anyone solved these two clues based on wordplay alone and not in retrospect after guessing with a few letters in place.

  6. JK, I agree – tricky wordplay for both clues, particularly “false alarm”. I was fixated on “male” being M, so I needed help deconstructing that one. Also, both “pearl onion” and “false alarm” had only four checked letters out of ten, making it harder to guess, especially in the former case. Still, at least you could rely on the unchecked letters, unlike last week! Ouch!

    BTW, was your “missspelling” deliberate?

  7. RB, I wish I was clever enough to have intended it – rather I was rushing to post between work commitments. Regarding “misspelt” my wife picked it up fairly quickly once she re-read the clue, whereas I had looked at it a number of times without noticing the deliberate error.

    PS It is a typical feint of DA regarding “male swimmer” to have used “spitz” as an answer last week. My mind went off in the direction of phelps, thorpe and hackett (each of which could be useful crossword fodder in the future).

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