DA on the 14/15th of January, 2011

Another week, another DA, another piece of delectable artistry.


(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: Jonathan kindly brings us what RC and I considered one of the easier ones:

We powered through this one faster than we remembered. A few are saying on here that STEAL was ambiguous (I would say it isn’t — a homophone is never the direct clue and, therefore, never the answer to write into the grid), but I busted on RESENTFUL thinking it was RESENTING (RESTING is a serene setting and better matches hating grammatically) before RC steered me in the right direction.

No one seems to have mentioned do = cause in DOG PADDLE, a synonym which RC and I didn’t think was fair.

Nevertheless, a quality crossword if not particularly memorable.

19 thoughts on “DA on the 14/15th of January, 2011

  1. What, no scan?

    I got addicted to DA on my last trip to Sydney, and am suffering from withdrawal symptoms. The copies posted here are my only hope!


  2. I think they leave it till Monday to post a copy of the crossword. I’m a Melbourne boy who doesn’t like waiting till Saturday to get the DA, so I go to either http://www.pressdisplay.com or http://smh.newspaperdirect.com and buy a single edition of the paper on Fridays. It is then possible to print off the crossword. the former costs US$1 but has a watermark when you print. The latter costs A$1

  3. I could send blank scans early on Fridays but I feel that the moderator doesn’t want to piss off the Fairfax masters too much!

  4. @Ian, thanks – I signed up for a seven day free trial, so I have today’s crossword. There seems to be a $1/week option for overseas subscribers, which I think is fair value.

  5. Was this a bit easier than usual, or am I finally starting to speak fluent ‘Astlese’?
    Finished it over breakfast (well brunch really).

  6. Gosh, not easy for me. Can someone , JD?, give me some help for 1D and 3D, please?

  7. 1D has been explained in the confusions thread, and I can post a help for 3D there for you.

  8. Agree this was not as difficult as usual – managed to get all but the word I didn’t know (9A) without research. However didn’t understand all the wordplays without explanation (eg 16D, 17D) or know the subjects of 1A or 20D, but could guess the answers. Always learn something from a DA!

  9. Agree it was generally a bit easier than usual, but I still struggled with the last five (all in the LH top corner). I thought 7D, 16D, 22D were all good clues.

  10. I made heavy weather with this one, procrastinating over a few words which are actually pretty staightforward. It took about three cups of coffee to get it out.

  11. Funny how different folks see it differently. I found it a bit harder than usual, and like RB finished in the NW corner after getting a hint from a relative. Not helped by my inability to see the obvious 1A and 1D until very late.

    One or two clue quibbles, but no moral outrage.

  12. I found this one not too bad, though had to touch base with DA confusions for a hint along the way (eg Don Draper). Still grumpy that I opted for the wrong spelling of STEEL/STEAL and that I seem to be alone in finding this clue ambiguous…never heard of Arp before, but with J_A_S guessed easily enough. Knew Neill, Hooker and girasol!
    Thinking of relocating to NSW to get back to DA on Friday!

  13. AS, I agree with your comment at the top about do=cause being a bit dodgy in 1D. It was one of three minor quibbles I had. The other two were:

    19A: The clue would have read better with “gets” or “got” instead of “get”.

    21D: The definition here is surely “case”, not “in case”, so why has no-one else whinged about the definition not being at the start or end of the clue?

  14. On 21D, I consider that not a quibble but sinful. The definition must include the first or last word otherwise you’re just cheating.

    I didn’t mention it I think because I’m inured to it from DA every now and again.

    And on 19A, that looks like something that slipped through the editing process.

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