DA for the 7/8th of January, 2011

Another glorious weekend is upon us, and another outstanding DA is on the cards.

I’m calling it sight unseen as a new member of the DA Pantheon.

(No spoilers on this thread until Monday)

Update: A reasonably difficult one I thought (and Jonathan kindly supplied the grids):

A Sunday night viewing of the jolly-good The King’s Speech had RC and I raring to knock this DA out, and the WWII mood brought out the delightful LORD HAW HAW nicely.

Soon enough, we were very happy to find LIMITATION — an easy clue once you work it out, but such an excellently worded clue that it takes a while to work out.

We didn’t go hard enough and left a few short before referring to this site and cheating a little. Regrettably — embarrasingly — we failed to work out BICYCLE RACKS before this site helped us out.

6 thoughts on “DA for the 7/8th of January, 2011

  1. Nice one this week…not too hot, not too cold.

    21A was very clever, and 2D, 14A and 18A were the other standouts for me.

  2. Shouldn’t be posting this here but can you help with 2d, 14a, 21a Thanks.

  3. I liked it!

    1A, 14A, 21A, 8D and 11D were all good, and no real clangers

    And I learnt a new word from 2D.

  4. Didn’t get to this until late on Friday and didn’t want to go asleep thinking of how much muesli was in the cupboard (!) as that was the word that bugged me (27A) – never heard of it! Rest were fun, especially 14A – a good Aussie clue.

  5. Tsk, tsk. Jonathan. We haven’t even got today’s DA yet here in Melbourne.
    The policy is to leave spoilers over in the confusions thread, until the Monday at least.

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