Confused about DA on the 7/8th of January, 2011

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  1. Can I have a hint for an easy clue to get started please? Didn’t get a paper over xmas break so I am going to STRUGGLE! – thanks!

  2. Alison,12A – the answer is concealed in the first word of the clue. 6A – no ifs or…

  3. Ooh ooh! – got 12a (thanks for clarifying jj, thought that was too easy), and 6A, 10A and 8, 26D. All by myself! Joy!

  4. 1 down famous novel, film had Jeremy Irons
    2 down is a film genre
    4 down is an anagram, but you need to look at the previous clue for it to work

  5. 18a Flukily is the definition, the rest is charade
    25a is an anagram
    11d the Premier is a recent Victorian one

  6. The ‘turn’ you take out of ‘clue’ is U. Ignore ‘pens’ and put ICY for ‘very cool’ and CLE into BRACKS giving a feature of a green school!

  7. 3D is an old-school term for ‘everywhere’. ‘Fashionable’ is HIT, ‘drover’ is ANDY, and the ‘wader’ is HERON.
    15D – a synonym for ‘escort’. ‘Revolutionary’ is from Bolivia, and ‘coup leader’ is from Argentina.
    17D is an anagram. ‘One’s retirement’ means remove the I.

  8. 1D – ‘Boundless joy’ is O, and ‘farm’ is a verb.
    7D is a two part word. The clue is a double definition.
    8D – What sort of diet would you need scales for?
    14A is a Qld town. What might a kangaroo’s mother be called?

  9. 1A is a famous WW2 radio broadcaster. 5D is the homophone indicator for ‘extol’ and two ladies of ill-repute.
    7D is the type of book used as a reference.

  10. 10A – ‘in seconds’ is the indicator to use the second letters of the previous words. And it’s an ice-skating manoeuvre.

  11. Ted, 2D wordplay is “host” (2 letter acronym) inside “space”. Definition is the movie category (2nd half of clue)

    7D is a classic double meaning. The answer can mean both exemplary and reference.

  12. I’m stuck. I have 3D but why is drover ‘Andy’? Hint for 21A, 27A and 16D and 17D please….

  13. Alison – For ‘pickle’ as a definition – think of ‘in a pickle’. For the word play, think of sewing for ‘edge’ and an old-fashioned verb for ‘pickle’ (as in drunk).
    27A – ‘Summit staff’ is the definition, then look to combine A, a 3-letter word for ‘coop’, a 2-letter abbreviation for ‘way’, and a 4-letter word for ‘hair’. ‘Cuts’ is an instruction.
    16D – ‘Manipulated’ is the definition – think theraputic! The word play is a 4-letter word for ‘clot’ and a verb for ‘turned grey’ – think about people turning grey.

  14. For ANDY: What was the name of the swagman in Waltzing Matilda?

    Who’s ghost may be heard?

  15. But of course! the swagman was andy too! and ‘e sang as he watched etc…
    Silly me.

  16. Ignore previous query…I did them….once I had 1D, 9A was easy! Wow….finished two weeks in a row all by myself!

  17. I am still puzzled by 2D even though I’ve got every 2nd letter! Also the bottom right corner has me stumped. It seems that the curry house regular crosses out the Japanese big wig and 22D also has me stumped. It can’t really be a composer can it?

  18. This has taken us most of the afternoon, quite challenging & mostly very enjoyable. Agree with all the praise of clues lauded above.

    A couple of small quibbles. I have always pronounced 23a with three syllable and not two (certainly in India pronounced that way) and therefore found this clue imprecise and misleading. (Homonym clues have been problematic & discussed in previous weeks). Also, I find the thinking behind 8d, 26a a bit suspect or clunky. Finally, 6a could have been the same word forward and backward ie there seem to be two equally legitimate answers and that is not in the spirit of a DA where there is usually one precise answer.

    PS I think we have 19d but cannot explain the wordplay – can anyone help?
    PPS Conny, 22d is a composer.

  19. Sorry it should have been 20D but I think you mean that also JK. Is the composer
    ” he arranged” ? I still can’t see how it comes from the clues given. I agree with 3 syllables for 23A and it doesn’t really sound like a novelist. I agree with you about 6A and I had it back to front for a while. I am still puzzled about 19D and how it works with 23A

  20. Yes, I meant 20D. The answer starts with a word for ski lift which is then modified “beginning late” and then a word for alright. If the clue had started “he composed” rather than “he arranged” then it would have been much easier (and less typically DA)

  21. Trouble is that I don’t know a word for a ski lift. Can it be BART? I get the alright part. I am still puzzled by 19D. Is it clobber of Japanese big wig or just Japanese big wig?

  22. JK – Could this be right for the Japanese bigwig – first 2 letters part of the sung scale (do re etc) Then a boxing punch for clobber with the “spot” a rather vague abbreviation for advertising placed inside that punch!

    Thanks all for help! My aim to finish one WITHOUT help one day – if I live long enough.

  23. Connie – yes, it’s T-BAR, ‘beginning late’.
    Susan – yes, that’s how I saw 19D.

    JK – you’re just getting grumpier as you get older – 8D is a gem in my book! And it clarifies which way 6A should go.
    And as for 23A – we’re in Australia, true-blue aussies don’t waste syllables.

    Are you going to basketball tomorrow morning?

  24. Thanks Susan, GB, the answer to 19d was pretty guessable so the wordplay had to be a bit difficult. Always forget about the sung notes. Even with a vague sound of music reference alongside and one of my favourite composers next door.

  25. I’m with you, JK re the homonym in 23A, I’ve never heard it pronounced with 2 syllables. I even asked the better half if she knew of a novelist called Ray Eta!

    Thanks to JK and Susan for explaining the word play for 19D and 20D. I had them but couldn’t see why they were right.

    1A was the pick of the clues for me – that was a clever homonym while 19D was clumsy.

  26. Not one of DA’s best, for me. Apart from the usual questionable anagind, containment indicator, tenuous synonym etc, the puzzle didn’t have enough humour.

    Even my favourite 1A included two dodgy (for me) homophones. Where I come from, lord and laud, haw and whore are close, but not close enough. However, these are commonly used DA homophones so I’ve got used to it by now.

    6A could have been stub or buts, and you shouldn’t have to get one of the crossing clues to determine which one it is.

    13A: Birder? Yuk! But I can find it online so I’ll have to accept it with just this little whinge.

    21A relies on pickle = sozzle. I can’t find any justification for this. Pickled = sozzled (both adjectives meaning drunk) is OK, but not pickle = sozzle.

    8D,26A: DA trying too hard for a laugh here. It didn’t eventuate and in the end it was a vague clunky clue.

  27. Yes, I agree. I filled in 6A hastily (wrongly!) until working out 8D, but 13A made me laugh when I eventually worked out why it was correct…..liked 14 too.

    Still miss DA on Friday!

  28. 13A Birder is commonly used in bird-watching circles – coincidentally, listening to Sean Dooley on ABC radio now.
    Not my favourite DA, agree with most comments above – but got it out eventually – needed the extra hint for 2D.

  29. Agreed with most of the comments so far… except the one about JK getting grumpier as he gets older… he’s always been grumpy!! J/K (i.e. Just Kidding). I also found 8D a bit of a stretch… but I did check the pronounciation of 23A at the Tandoori Den last night, and out waiter said two syllables was perfectly okay (if any one wants to double check, the waiter’s name was Giovanni :)

  30. Anybody able to put me out of my misery? I have everything except 27A. My poor brain cannot determine the solution from the hint previously posted. Must confess I bought 24 copies of the Age’s competitor and availed myself of their offer of one VB per coupon submitted. Should have just bought a slab – but boy! what a hangover.

  31. 27A is a staff used by mountain climbers. The word (which I had never heard of before) is derived from German and suggests where it would be used. The wordplay goes: ‘A’, then ‘coop’ + ‘way’ (as in ‘street’), both inside ‘hair’.

  32. dg, for MIKADO:

    Note means the sol-fa note MI
    Spot means ad (as in a news spot)
    Clobber means KO



  33. To anyone who hasn’t moved on to the more recent puzzle, I haven’t been able to figure out the wordplay of 4D. Thoughts?

  34. It’s an anagram (indicated rather obscurely by “become”) of the last word of 3D and the first word of 4D.

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