DA for the 17/18th of December, 2010

Here we go with another week of hijinx.

Comment below, but be sure not to post any spoilers before Monday on this particular thread of conversation.

Update: Here’s Jonathan’s fine DAs:

RC, one of the three original DA Trippers, is back in town from an extended hiatus overseas, and we got together to stumble through this week’s before jet lag got the better of the recently-arrived Tripper and the crossword was put away.

I didn’t continue with it over the weekend, but by the sounds of things, it was another fine, difficult and funny DA.

12 thoughts on “DA for the 17/18th of December, 2010

  1. Managed to download this one late Thursday evening Europe time, while travelling through a railway station. It was a bit of a tussle, but all came out before I got to the destination (only because the train was late because of all the snow, giving me some extra time).

  2. Good honest meat-and-potatoes crossword, nice work, average difficulty, no complaints, apart from my concurrence with Sam’s query in the other thread about untidiness in 18A clue, and a couple of Google-worthy obscurities.

    Oh, and as a mature-age solver I would have preferred that the older-established alternative meaning of 1A had been used in the clue rather than the recent and (let’s put it out there) American one.

  3. Oh, and one more thing: I’m a supporter of DA as a Saturday treat. The Age is doing its inexplicable, carbon-emitting let’s-pretend-Friday’s-Saturday holiday thing again this year. We can hardly ignore DA for 24 hours. So now what do I do with my weekend?

  4. Agreed., AG, a good honest crossword, though I reckon 13D is a bit clumsy, and 2D doesn’t really work for me. Then, maybe I’m 11A!

  5. JG – I liked 13D. I got quite a chuckle from that one, particularly from ‘Act II’. But, am I the only one who has never heard of 1D?

  6. I’m sure that over the past couple of years I’ve seen 1D crop up in several crossword puzzles, probably Guardian. Otherwise it might be dredged out of long-term memory from school geography. In either case, I think that it is ‘well known’ (in van der Poorten’s sense of the term).
    I too had a good belly laugh at 13D.

  7. You are not alone GB, and 6d was new to me too – only aware of the longer variant. I thought 12a and 26d were gems – the latter one of those ones you stare at for ages (at least in my case) until the light goes on!

  8. I liked 2d and 18d. 17d kept bringing the Coen brothers to mind, stopping me from seeing the forest for the trees

  9. I agree with others in thinking 2d, 12a and 18d were good but would want to include 11a in that list.

    Does anyone else out there think the wordplay in 28a was a bit of a stretch?

  10. If that was “meat-and-potatoes”, I think I found all the gristly bits! Maybe midnight is a bit too late to start a DA crossword. But even now, in the clear light of day, I have a few complaints. I agree with AG about the unnecessary Americanisation in 1A. I thought 28A was a terrible homophone. Never heard of 6D or 16D. More in the other thread.

    On the positive side

  11. How weird is this? Today my video recorder took it upon itself to randomly record a show from SBS – Filipino News. Guess what language it’s in? Tagalog.

  12. It is weird that I cited van der Poorten above. I learnt today that he has died, the obituary appeared in SMH Timelines. He was a remarkable mathematical genius and wonderful teacher.

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